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New Woodworking Products

Woodworking Tools and Accessories, Exotic Lumber, Woodturning Tools and More.

Woodpeckers designs innovative woodworking tools and builds them right here in the USA. We have a staff of dedicated engineers working constantly to make your shop time more productive. We build top quality layout tools; squares, woodworking rules, T-squares and more. Check out our power tool accessories; Auto-Line and AutoAngle drills guides, the Rip-Flip Fence Stop System for your table saw, the Slab Flattening Mill PRO, taper jigs, miter sleds, miter gauges and more. Our ClampZILLA 4-Way Panel Clamp is just the beginning of our selection of clamping tools and clamping fixtures. If you’re a turner, Ultra-Shear carbide-tipped turning tools eliminating sharpening. In addition to the tools we manufacture, we also sell top quality hardwoods and other woodworking tools and accessories from around the world.