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Parallel Jaw Clamps

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Apply Pressure Uniformly to your Project with Parallel Jaw Clamps

Woodworking parallel jaw clamps are the secret to keeping your projects square. Parallel jaw clamps are similar to traditional bar clamps. The difference is the flat face on each clamp jaw. The faces are at right angles to the clamp bar, making them parallel with each other. The clamp jaws stay parallel even when heavy pressure is applied. Selecting parallel jaw clamps is the first step to keeping the corners square on your furniture and cabinet projects.

Keep Panel Glue-Ups Flatter with Parallel Jaw Clamps  

Parallel jaw clamps are also the best choice when gluing up wide panels from narrower boards. The even application of pressure keeps the panel flat. Simply apply glue to the edge joints and lay the boards across the clamp bars. Draw the clamps tight for a seamless glue-up.

Xpander Keeps Parallel Jaw Clamps Ready for Immediate Action  

Woodpeckers Xpander holds 4 parallel jaw clamps together in an accordion-like frame. As you open and close the Xpander, all 4 clamps stay evenly spaced. In addition to controlling the spacing, the Xpander keeps your clamps upright and slightly elevated above the workbench. The system makes any panel glue-up project go faster and smoother. 

Woodpeckers offers a broad selection of parallel jaw clamp styles and sizes from Bessey and Semble. 

Learn More About Parallel Jaw Clamps 

These videos look at features and options for parallel jaw clamps.