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Woodworking Routing Accessories by Woodpeckers

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Router Accessories to Save You Time & Money

Routers are versatile woodworking tools that every craftsman should own. Routers are used for basic as wells as complex jobs. Check out Woodpeckers router accessories and expand your woodworking abilities.

Most cabinets today come with adjustable shelf pins to allow customization of shelfing layouts. Drill shelf pin holes in installed cabinets just as easily as you can drill them in cabinet parts before assembly with the Woodpeckers Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template. Use on traditional face frame cabinets or Euro style cabinets. This template aligns easily and includes perfect spacings. Make accurate spaced holes with your choice of two different drilling methods - self-centering drill bits or a router with a 3/8in template guide bushing. 

Create perfectly square or rectangular guide bushing templates with the Woodpeckers Variable Router Jig. The template can be from a few inches up to 13in x 13in or 13in x 27in. Built to last, the tracks are clear anodized to make an abrasion-resistant surface and the lock bars are a special polycarbonate that slide easily. At Woodpeckers, get a kit that includes four tracks, four hold-down brackets and lock bars. One of the Variable Router Jig’s best qualities is that it can be broken down and reconfigured for the next template within minutes. Save on time and materials with routing tools like the Variable Router Jig!

Start your cuts with better control and protection with the Woodpeckers Freehand Guard. The guard provides two fulcrum points to start your cut, a dust collection port and a shield. Attach to any Woodpeckers Router Plate or Lift.

Stock-up on routing tools and accessories at Woodpeckers. Not only can you make level cuts on edges, but you’ll also be cutting patterns, grooved dadoes, and shaping stylish moldings. There’s infinite possibilities with our great routers and accessories available online!