Freehand Guard


If you're doing freehand routing, you know how tricky it can be to start the cut. Router bits tend to spin the board and gouge the wrong edge when you start the cut. This often results in damage to your carefully shaped furniture parts. Starting Pins can help you gain control but don't offer dust collection or protection from flying chips. The new Woodpecker Freehand Guard covers that wide open bit, gives you two optional fulcrum points and provides a dust collection port that works with shop vacs or dust collectors.

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Freehand Guard

The Freehand Guard serves three purposes; first it provides a fulcrum to start your cut, second a dust port for a hose hook up and third a shield to keep chips from flying up into your face. (The shield is not a substitute for goggles.)

Our new Freehand Guard attaches directly to any Woodpecker Router Plate or Lift. Two knobs make it simple and fast to install or remove. It's also adaptable to other brand plates by simply drilling two holes and using the included alternate attachment screws. (Instructions included.)

The Freehand Guard is made up of a laminated birch base, a phenolic top plate, an acrylic shield with a combination 2-1/2” – 2-1/4” dust port.

Accommodates materials up to 1-1/2” in thickness.

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Country of Manufacture United States

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