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Freehand Guard


Woodpeckers Freehand Guard covers up the spinning router bit, provides a starting fulcrum point and eliminates over 90% of the chips created while profiling a curved edge on your router table. When you're working odd shapes on your router table, more than likely the fence is just going to be in the way. Instead of working with a fully exposed bit, add the Freehand Guard to work safer and cleaner. The Freehand Guard provides two fulcrum points to start the cut, much like a starter pin. Then a crystal-clear acrylic guard keeps your fingers away from the bit without obstructing your view (not a substitute for safety glasses). Plus, there's a very efficient dust collection port that works with either 2-1/2" dust collection hose or 2-1/4" shop vac hose. 


Work Smarter, Safer and Cleaner with the Freehand Guard

Woodpeckers Freehand Guard mounts to any Woodpeckers router lift or router plate using 2 of the 4 starter pin threaded holes. Since the starter pin holes are concentric around the opening, you have 4 different positions to mount the Freehand Guard…choose the one most comfortable for you and your project. 

We supply extra hardware and instructions if you're mounting the Freehand Guard to a different brand or style of router lift, plate or table. 

Works with material up to 1-1/2" thick. 

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Country of Manufacture United States

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