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Beginner Tips For Working With Live Edge Slabs

Thank you to our friends at KJP Select Hardwoods for providing this article. 

In the world of woodworking, it seems that everyone has fallen head over heels for live edge slabs. You see these pieces of wood everywhere these days. From coffee tables to floating shelves, there are all sorts of ways to utilize live edge slabs in your home decor.

2 months ago
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Customized 7mm Pens

1 year ago
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Kitchen Island

1 year ago
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Stylish Bathroom Vanity

1 year ago
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Sophia End Tables

1 year ago
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Lidded Box

1 year ago
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Splined Picture Frame

1 year ago
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A Unique Multi-Axis Wine Coaster

A bit of history...I started making wine stoppers in 1988 and since that time, I have made more than one quarter million.  I managed to pay my mortgage for more than fifteen years by turning these little guys.  Not really sure why anyone needs a wine stopper because when I open a bottle of wine, I do my best to finish it.

1 year ago
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Hybrid Sphere

I first became interested in woodturning after watching Tim Yoder on PBS. I watched how organic and creative the process was and it just looked fun. I saved up some money and bought a midi lathe which is what I still turn on today. At first, I didn't really want to make anything structured, like pens or bottle stoppers (even though I eventually learned to enjoy them).

1 year ago
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