Super Track Flip Stop


Woodpeckers Super Track Flip Stop is the perfect choice for a stop block when using the Woodpeckers Superfence or Woodpeckers Super Track! Having the ability to accurately stop a cut just where you want and then flip the stop out of the way is almost a necessity in the shop. Being able to bring this function to your router table and also your chop saw is a great way to speed up your production and greatly improve your accuracy.

The Woodpeckers Super Track Flip Stop is meticulously machined from aluminum and uses custom turned fasteners in order to yield a versatile and rigid stop. You will immediately appreciate the functionality of this stop when you have it in your hands. The Woodpeckers Super Track Flip Stop offers you 2 positions for the Flip Arm allowing you to use this on the Woodpeckers Superfence with or without a sacrificial subfence. Not only that, but you can position the Flip Arm on either the left or right side of the Flip Base!

Don't confuse this with some light weight stop. Weighing in at nearly 1/2 pound, this stop feels like quality. The Flip Arm itself is approximately 3/4 ” wide x 1/2 ” thick! We machined 3 protrusions into the back face of the arm to mesh with the slot spacing on our Superfence and Supertrack. The stout Flip Base is approximately 1 1/2 ” x 1 1/2 ” and more than 5/8” thick to provide a perfect anchor point for the Flip Arm.

Whether you are using the Woodpeckers Super Track Flip Stop on your Woodpeckers Superfence for your routing operations or on your Woodpeckers Super Track as a fence for your chop saw, we think you will agree that this is the solution you have been looking for. Made in the U.S.A.!

Flip Arm length is approximately 4.5” on the outside face and 3.865” on the inside face. Uses 1/4-20 hex head bolt to fasten to the top channel in the Woodpeckers Super Track or Woodpeckers Superfence.

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Country of Manufacture United States
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