Woodpeckers Super Track


WOODPECKERS SUPER TRACK is a, heavy-duty, general purpose T-Track for a variety of woodworking applications. Super Track has (7) “T” shaped tracks distributed around all four sides. These tracks fit any standard 1/4” fastener such as 1/4” hex nuts, hex head bolts and 7/16” wide oval nuts. In fact it's these very tracks that make SUPER TRACK so easy to install. Simply drill holes in the work surface, drop in some 1/4-20 hex head bolts and slide in SUPER TRACK. Very simple, very easy. A big advantage bolting from the bottom has over screwing down from the top is resistance to pullout. Bolting from the bottom had dramatically greater resistance to pull out.

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Super Track - 60" Super Track - 60" SKU: SPT-60

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Super Track - 48" Super Track - 48" SKU: SPT-48

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Super Track - 36" Super Track - 36" SKU: SPT-36

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Super Track - 24" Super Track - 24" SKU: SPT-24

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Super Track - 12" Super Track - 12" SKU: SPT-12

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Super Track - 6" Super Track - 6" SKU: SPT-6

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If you use knobs to lock the hex head bolts instead of hex nuts, you can easily adjust the position of SUPER TRACK.

SUPER TRACK can be used horizontally, vertically, on top of or and embedded in a jig, fixture or work bench.

SUPER TRACK can be cross cut with any carbide tipped blade. The ideal blade has a negative rake, triple chip grind, similar to a laminate cutting blade. A limited number of cuts can be made with an ATB tooth pattern. Cut slowly, ensure at least (3) teeth are in material at all times and use some kind of lubricant. Specific lubricants for cutting aluminum are available. Shop your local hardware store. Aluminum cutting lubricant is like a wax in a stick form.


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Country of Manufacture United States
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