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Variable Router Jig


Slides and Locks to Make Any Template You Need

Router guide bushings change your hand-held router from an uncontrollable project destroyer into a precision milling machine. But, creating the jig you need to use guide bushings is an enormous chore that wastes time and material and hardly ever yields something that can be used again after the current project is complete. Woodpeckers new Variable Router Jig lets you create a perfectly square template any size from a couple inches up to 13" x 13" or 13" x 27". When you’re done with that project, it instantly reconfigures to the next template you need. When you don’t need it, it breaks down and stores away in a small space, waiting for your next project…no more wall full of purpose-built templates gathering dust while you try to remember what they’re for.

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Variable Router Jig - 18" X 32" Variable Router Jig - 18" X 32" SKU: VRJ-191832

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Variable Router Jig - 18" x 18" Variable Router Jig - 18" x 18" SKU: VRJ-19

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VRJ 32 inch Access. Track, Pair VRJ 32 inch Access. Track, Pair SKU: VRJ-19-TR32

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VRJ 60 inch Access. Track, Pair  (No laser engraved markings) VRJ 60 inch Access. Track, Pair (No laser engraved markings) SKU: VRJ19-SPT60

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VRJ 48 inch Access. Track, Pair  (No laser engraved markings) VRJ 48 inch Access. Track, Pair (No laser engraved markings) SKU: VRJ19-SPT48

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VRJ Accessory Lockbar Kit VRJ Accessory Lockbar Kit SKU: VRJ-19-LBK

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VRJ Accessory Clamp Brackets, Pair VRJ Accessory Clamp Brackets, Pair SKU: VRJ-19-BC

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Variable Router Jig

The Variable Router Jig and Router Guide Bushings Are a Perfect Match. You’ll keep this versatile jig right beside your set of router guide bushings, because every guide bushing operation needs a template, and the VRJ configures in minutes to any square or rectangular shape you want. Rout mortises for joinery. Mortise in hardware like hinges and locks. Rout dadoes for inlay work, adding visually stunning details to your projects. Once you see how easy it is to set up and use, you’ll start inventing ways to use it to make your projects go faster and smoother.

Fast Setup and Easy Reconfiguration. You can assemble the jig in minutes. Calculate the offset from your guide bushing to the edge of your router bit.  Both metric and fractional scales are laser engraved on tracks. Put the scale you prefer on the inside, slide the lockbars into the edges, adjust to dimension, tighten the clamps with the supplied ball tip wrench and you’re ready to rout. When you need to reconfigure for the next step, just loosen the socket head cap screws, slide the tracks to the new dimensions, lock it back up and get back to work.

Hold It Right There! Of course, you have to clamp the jig in place along with the workpiece. In the kit you’ll find four clever hold-down brackets that slip into the edge of the track and allow you to clamp your work securely and quickly. If you’re working on a perforated table like Festool’s MFT, you can clamp your project without anything sticking above the level of the VRJ. The same thing can be done on almost any workbench surface with the proper clamps and a little planning.

Built for a Lifetime of Projects. The tracks for the Variable Router Jig are clear anodized to create a tough, abrasion-resistant surface. The lockbars are a special polycarbonate that slides easily and locks solidly in the track. We offer two complete kits, one with four 18" tracks and one with two 18" tracks and two 32" tracks. Both come with all the lockbars and hold-down brackets you need. If you buy the smaller kit and later need more capacity, we sell the 32" tracks separately. We also have the hold-down brackets and lockbars available.

Like all of our products, the Variable Router Jigs is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio manufacturing facility, just south of Cleveland.

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