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3D Multi-Marking Square


Woodpeckers new 3D Multi-Marking Square adds a whole new dimension to traditional woodworking squares. When laying out joinery, you often need to mark both the face and the edge of your board at the same dimension. Most squares have only a thin shoulder you can use to make a small mark, but aligning and transferring that line invites inaccuracy. With the 3D Multi-Marking Square, you have two full-length legs you can use when laying out on the face and edge of your stock. That's not all, its geometry makes this tool a stand-up assistant with your machinery setup. And, each one is entirely made in the USA. If you're tired of being limited to only two dimensions, Woodpeckers 3D Multi-Marking Square will take your joinery layout to the next level.

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3D Multi-Marking Square - Metric 3D Multi-Marking Square - Metric SKU: 3D-MMS-M
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Special Price $49.99 Regular Price $59.99

Headline: Get a leg up on other squares. 

In addition to marking on the face and edge of your stock, you can do more with the 3D Multi-Marking Square. We precision-mill steps in the blade's cut-outs giving you measureless marking for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". The long legs and wide surfaces keep the tool stable even on thinner stock where a traditional square may flop around. And the base is perfect for registering inside and outside corners. Now, with just one tool, you can lay out complex joinery and check the entire assembly for square. 

With your project laid out, the 3D Multi-Marking Square works equally well with your machinery setup. The tool stands 4-1/2" tall, perfectly perpendicular to your table. Its two legs reach past any troublesome table insert, leaving your hands free to make adjustments to your machine. We engraved bright white scales to make setting your blade or bit height easy. And, the thick blade provides a solid reference against a drill bit or band saw blade when adjusting the table square. You also get exact 3/4" and 1" setup blocks with the width of the base's legs.

Both the blade and the base are precision-milled from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum. They're secured together using high-strength stainless steel screws. We mill a groove precisely in the center of the base's long arm which serves two purposes. It keeps the blade perpendicular to the base, and gives you equal shoulders so you can quickly lay out perfectly centered mortise and tenon cheeks. We make each 3D Multi-Marking Square to our strict manufacturing tolerances, making this a layout and setup tool you can trust.  

Like all Woodpeckers tools, each 3D Multi-Marking Square is precisely machined and carefully inspected  in our shop in Strongsville, Ohio (just south of Cleveland). 

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Country of Manufacture United States