Woodpeckers 1281 Precision Woodworking Square - 12" X 8"


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A Square Must Be Square, Period. Our ever-popular 1281 Square is made square and built to stay that way. For years and generations to come, it's a tool you can trust every time you reach for it. You know how important “working square” is for all your cabinet and furniture projects. Parts that aren't perfectly square cause endless problems requiring complicated workarounds. The end result of out-of-square parts is a compromised project and lots of frustration. Our precision 12” square will keep your parts and project on track.


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Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Square 12" x 8" Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Square 12" x 8" SKU: 1281R

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Unmatched Precision and Quality. The 1281 Square starts as a solid piece of very expensive, extremely stable cast aluminum tool plate. This large plate is carefully machined in multiple high RPM passes on our state-of-art CNC equipment. The result is a single piece square with a 12” blade and 8” handle. Our manufacturing process insures the 1281 Square is accurate to within one thousandth of an inch or less along the full length of the tool.

Once we have a perfectly machined square we add two additional pieces of precision-machined aluminum to form cheeks for the handle. These cheeks are fitted to the square with two stainless steel pins that ensure bulletproof rigidity and perfect alignment. This kind of strength and precision simply cannot be matched by woodworking squares made using separate blade and handle parts.

Many Features Make the 1281 Square A Joy to Use. The first thing you'll notice is the heft of the tool and how good it feels in your hand. In use, you'll discover how the woodworking square rests hands-free on the edge of a board thanks to the lip created by the cheeks of our special handle design. The design also enables the square to securely stand on its beefy, 3/4” thick handle edge. These design features make machine setup and squaring case parts a breeze.

More user-friendly features include a finger slot in the blade to hold it exactly in place when checking square ends. We even mill a notch at the square's inside corner so you can “zero-out” your layout lines all the way to the edge of a board. Easy to read measurement scales are laser etched in 1/16th increments on both sides of the blade. We also offer the 1281 Square in metric, 1mm scales. All 1281 Squares come in a custom-fitted case that's ready to mount on your shop wall.

Our Guarantee. We're so confident in the accuracy of the 1281 Square that we offer it with a Lifetime Guarantee. If our tool doesn't stay square to .0085 degrees we'll repair or replace it upon return and inspection by us.

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More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
  • Blade Thickness - .250"
  • Blade Width - 1.75"
  • Cheek Thickness with Blade - .750"
  • Cheek Length - 7-1/2"

Squares - FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the Aluminum and Stainless Steel squares besides material?

A: The biggest difference besides the material the squares are made out of is the marking holes that are milled into the stainless steel squares that are not milled in the aluminum versions.  These holes allow for marking layout lines for projects. The Stainless Steel Square blade is approximately 1/16” in thickness where the Aluminum blade is approximately ⅛”.  The thinner blade and the marking holes along the blade of the Stainless Steel Square allows for it to be better used for lay out lines.  The thicker blade of the Aluminum Square is better suited for making sure work pieces are perpendicular to each other.

Q: How accurate are your squares compared to others on the market?

A: Our squares are milled and inspected to be within tolerances of .001” per foot or .0085°.   

Q: When the 1281R square is laid on its side the pins stick out - does this mean something is wrong?

A: No, nothing is wrong with your square.  These pins are press fitted in and will stIck out on one side.  The other side should be flush to the cheeks.  If the pins are not flush on either side please contact us at 440-238-1918 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm EST or email us at mailroom@woodpeck.com to get a repair started for your tool.

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