Clamping Squares PLUS

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Clamping Squares PLUS
Our original Clamping Squares made assembling furniture and cabinet casework a simple process. Instead of struggling to keep corners lined up while trying to install fasteners, you just throw an F-clamp on both legs of the clamping square and the two mating sides of your carcass. Now you have both hands free to screw, pin or clamp your project together. It’s a simple design that does a great job. But, there’s rarely a tool made that can’t be improved.
Clamping Squares PLUS

Clamping Squares PLUS – 8 Pack


Clamping Squares PLUS

Clamping Squares PLUS – 4 Pack


Clamping Squares PLUS

Clamping Squares PLUS – 2 Pack




Woodpeckers Clamping Square PLUS is longer, wider and stronger than the original. We’ll look at why in a minute, but of all the things that got bigger, the price isn’t one of them! Here in our Strongsville factory we’ve recently invested in a lot of new machines and hired some very talented people to run them. Between improved capacity and some very clever programming, we can build you a heavier duty tool for the same price as our older, lighter version.

Why would you want it bigger? If your stock is perfectly straight, flat, square, stiff enough not to bow and not very heavy, it doesn’t matter.  But if you live in the real world, you know that stronger is always better. Longer helps a lot, too. You now have room to get two clamps on each leg, if your material needs a little more persuasion to flatten out.

You’ll notice in the photos that Woodpeckers Clamping Squares PLUS work either inside or outside the workpieces. Take a look at the inside corner, too. You’ll see a relief cut that won’t bind on your stock if something is cut just a wee bit out of square.Speaking of square, these assembly tools are CNC machined out of one solid chunk of aluminum to a tolerance of +/- .0255 degrees!   Each arm is 6-3/4” long. The arms are 1-1/4” wide and the overall thickness is ¾”.  The arms have 3/8” holes on 1” centers making it easy to use the squares to build jigs and fixtures.

We sell the Clamping Squares PLUS in pairs. One pair is handy. Two is even better. For larger projects, four pairs simply your life thoroughly allowing you to clamp all four corners at both top and bottom.   Clamps Sold Separately.

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Additional Information

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