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Exact-90 Miter Gauge


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No matter how cleverly engineered a table saw might be, it always seems like the miter gauge was an after-thought. The ones that come with new saws are typically barely usable, and most after-market miter gauges assume the miter slots in the tables are straight and uniform (spoiler alert: they’re not). So, our engineers set out to develop a new type of miter gauge. A miter gauge that reliably performs the one job woodworkers need most from it, a perfectly square cut, and can do it regardless of how sloppy the machining of the miter slot. Introducing Woodpeckers Exact-90 Miter Gauge. 

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EXACT-90 Miter Gauge EXACT-90 Miter Gauge SKU: E90
Includes Miter Gauge, 25.5" Miter Bar, Fence with Extension, Sacrificial Fence, Flip Stop and Flop Stop.

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Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar SKU: E90-MB
Used for building your own shop-made Jigs.

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Flop Stop Flop Stop SKU: FLOPSTOP

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EXACT-90 Flip Stop EXACT-90 Flip Stop SKU: E90-FS

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Exact-90 Miter Gauge - Rack-It only Exact-90 Miter Gauge - Rack-It only SKU: E90-RI

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EXACT-90 Sacrificial Fence EXACT-90 Sacrificial Fence SKU: E90-SF

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Exact-90 Miter Gauge

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Exact-90 is what’s missing. There’s no complicated, accuracy-compromising mechanics for setting unneeded angles. There’s no protractor, no pins, no springs…just a rock solid, billet-machined aluminum head locked in perfectly square to the miter bar. The Exact-90 Miter Gauge cuts one angle and one angle only…90°. That’s right, a miter gauge that is permanently calibrated to cut perfectly square every time. Let’s face it, with rare exception, the cuts you need done perfectly on your table saw are 90° cuts. Doing this with a miter gauge designed to be set to different angles inevitably involves design compromise, so we didn’t do it. From the ground up every variable that could affect precision of the Exact-90 has been engineered and machined to deliver one thing…a perfect 90°.

That perfect 90° cut starts with the miter bar. There was a time when the machining of the miter gauge slot in a table saw was held to strict tolerance. The slots were smooth and precisely ground and they were mated with longer, more precisely milled miter bars. Sadly, that’s not the case today. Now a typical miter slot varies in width from end-to-end and has a rough texture that doesn’t lend itself to precision. And even if you’re lucky enough to have one of the precisely machined saws from the middle of the last century, chances are the slot has worn some over the years.

That’s why much of our engineering focused on building a miter bar that can overcome the limitations of a poorly-machined or time-worn miter slot. Our new patent-pending design has 5 specially-designed nylon leaf springs built into the edge of the miter bar. These springs automatically adapt to either undersized or oversized miter slots…no adjustments needed. Even if the slot varies in width from end to end (and it probably does), the springs expand and contract to keep the right edge of the bar perfectly tight against the miter slot wall. To complement the leaf springs, we made the bar 25-1/2" long, the longest on the market. This improves accuracy by spanning inconsistencies in the miter slot and increases your crosscut capacity to 24" on most 10" table saws.

If your saw has a T-track miter slot, the Woodpeckers Miter Bar has two T-washers, not just one, giving you extra support when making wide cross-cuts. No T-track? No problem. The T-washers come off with simple counter-sunk screws. Bottom line? If your miter slot is anywhere close to 3/8" x 3/4" the Exact-90 will fit. The leaf spring feature easily accommodates miter slots from .742" to .765" wide.

Perfectly square is great, but accurately controlling the length of your stock is critical, too. The Exact-90 includes a newly designed fence with an easy-to-read scale right on top. The fence houses an extension that slides out to take the flip stop all the way to 45 inches. Speaking of the flip stop, its new design lets you dial in the position of the flag with finger-tip control…no tapping or nudging. And, none of the adjustments on the fence, flip stop or extension require a tool…no more searching for lost Allen wrenches. Also, there’s a sacrificial fence which can be used to reduce tear-out and fully support your material all the way through the blade.

Stop the Flop. We’ve all experienced miter gauge flop…you pull the miter gauge and your wide workpiece back, the miter gauge head leaves the front edge of the table and the head and fence flop to one side. Well…that’s over. The Exact-90 includes our new patent pending Flop Stop. Just drop it on top of your wide stock, lock it and the stock supports the fence when the miter gauge is off the table. No more catching the back fence on the front edge of your table and ruining your cut.

If you’re through chasing square cuts with your current miter gauge, Woodpeckers Exact-90 is the perfect solution for your shop. More cross-cut capacity, more fence extension, a patent pending, adjustment-free miter bar, improved support for extra-wide stock and Dead. Square. Cuts.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Exact-90 Miter Gauge is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio manufacturing facility. 

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More Information
Country of Manufacture United States

Additional Information and Dimensions

  • Fully extended: 42"
  • Not extended with the flip stop: 24"
  • Not extended without the slip stop: 26"
  • The aluminum extrusion is 26-3/4" in length, 1-3/8" thick, 1-7/8" high
  • The red base is 7-1/2" wide and 3-3/4" long
  • The miter blade is electroless nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance
  • The miter bar fits in miter slots .742" - .765" in width
  • The MDF sub fence is 26-3/4" in length, 3/4" thick, and 1-7/8" in height.  The holes for mounting subfence are 12" on center.

The fence sits 1/8" away from the blade when calibrated to prevent it from tripping the SawStop safety mechanism.

It will come factory calibrated to 90 degrees but can be easily adjusted by the customer to calibrate it to a specific miter slot and blade orientation if needed. 

The flip stop does have micro adjust ability just like the DPPRO Flip Stop


Q: Can the Exact 90 be used on the right side of the blade?

A: Yes it can be set up on the right side of the blade.  However, the scale will then read in reverse and is not calibrated for Right side use.  A right side specific fence is not available. 

Q: Will a metric version be available?

A: A metric version is not currently available.