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Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar


If you’re planning to build a cross-cut sled (or any accessory that needs a miter bar), get that project off on the right foot by starting with a new Woodpeckers Miter Bar. Our new miter bar solves the age-old problem of achieving a perfect fit from one saw to the next and has the length needed for accurate cross cuts.

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Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar SKU: E90-MB
Used for building your own shop-made Jigs.

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Woodpeckers 25.5" Miter Bar

There was a time when the machining of the miter gauge slot in a table saw was held to strict tolerance. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. It’s not unusual for slots to be excessively wide and sloppy and even vary from end to end. Never mind the worn-out condition common on older saws.

Woodpeckers new Miter Bar solves many of these challenges. Our new patent-pending design has 5 specially-engineered nylon leaf springs built into the edge of the miter bar that automatically adapt to either undersized or oversized miter slots…no adjustments needed. Even if the slot varies in width from end to end (and it probably does), the leaf springs expand and contract to keep the right edge of the bar perfectly tight against the miter slot wall.  To complement the leaf springs, we made the bar 25-1/2" long, the longest on the market. This improves accuracy by spanning inconsistencies in the miter slot and gives you an impressive foundation for your cross-cut sled or jig. 

If your saw has a T-track miter slot, the Woodpeckers Miter Bar has two stainless steel T-washers, not just one, giving you extra support when making wide cross-cuts. No T-track? No problem. The T-washers come off with simple counter-sunk machine screws.  

The bar is drilled and tapped in seven locations for 10-32 machine screws to help you attach different platforms…whatever your project calls for. 

If you want the ultimate in fit between your miter slot and the guide for your carefully-designed cross-cut sled, order the Woodpeckers Miter Bar today. 

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