Equipping Your Woodworking Shop – Part One

equipping your woodshop
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Equipping Your Woodworking Shop – Part One

Building-out your woodworking shop takes time and effort – selecting just the right woodworking tools that can serve multiple functions, work within your physical space limitations, and stay within your budget can be hard work! Woodpeckers wants to help. 

We’re not trying to boast, but we think our woodworking tools & accessories are pretty-darn special. Did we mention that they’re engineered to be highly accurate and durable? Below are some of our favorite Woodpeckers designs that we feel work well for every woodshop and most levels of woodworking expertise. 

Check-out these short videos and see these tools in-action and see if you agree.

Expand Your Router’s Power with the Multi-Function Router Base

A router by itself is almost like a muscle car with no steering wheel: a whole lot of power but absolutely zero direction. The Woodpeckers new Multi-Function Router Base is able to accurately convert that power into a highly efficient and portable milling machine. It comes equipped with micro-adjustment capabilities for maximum precision, giving you the exact cut you need every time. Compatible with the majority of routers on the market, its universality makes it the ideal option for almost every woodworker’s shop.

Whether you need to cut in a straight, controlled line or you’re looking to make a perfect arc for more circular and rounded projects, the Multi-Function Router Base will deliver quality results time and time again. If you want to unlock your full potential as a woodworker and maximize your creativity, then this is the router base for you!

See the Multi-Function Router Base and the sizes available and get more information on this versatile woodworking tool accessory. You can also place an order for convenient delivery straight to your home or woodshop.


DP-Pro Drill Press Table System Makes Drill Presses Wood Shop-Friendly

Often times, drill press designers don’t have woodworkers like us in mind, as their focus is primarily on metal-working features. Luckily for you, Woodpeckers has redefined the focus of drill presses to function as efficient woodworking machines. Our new DP-Pro Drill Press Table System lives up to exactly that!

With an incredibly easy installation process on nearly every drill press table in the world of woodworking, this is the ideal product for almost any workshop. It avoids interference with any machine adjustments, expands to support longer work, and is the first system to tackle the problem of dust collection directly at the source.

Drill presses are no longer just an afterthought for woodworkers thanks to this well-designed system that can transform your woodshop and maximize your productivity. Learn more about the DP-Pro and the sizes and accessories available. Ordering online is simple if it sounds too good to pass-up!

Slab Flattening Mill Pro Tames Live Edge Slabs with Ease

Imagine a world where you can mill a flat face across a slab over four feet wide or just a fraction of an inch thick, all without shimming your stock or rails. Thankfully, this world can become your reality with the Slab Flattening Mill Pro from Woodpeckers. This system comes equipped with a user-friendly design, an enhanced thickness range for the router carriage, highly efficient dust collection, extended rails and more!

With thicker, wider and thinner flattening possible than ever before on very popular live edge slabs, woodworkers can devise outstanding projects thanks to the Slab Flattening Mill Pro. See info on the basic and extended versions as well as extension kits and more, with easy ordering possible for home delivery – from Woodpeckers!

If you have any questions on the woodworking tools presented in these videos, please reach out and we’ll gladly provide you with answers. Want to stay up-to-date on all that we offer? Sign-up for our free EClub and receive timely notices on new products, sales, and special offers.

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