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Xpander Clamp System


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Gluing up table tops and large panels often turns into a wrestling match between you and a bunch of clamps you’re trying to keep upright and evenly spaced. Creative genius, Izzy Swan, invented a clamp carrier that dramatically speeds up the process and eliminates the stress. Woodpeckers has worked closely with Izzy in creating our new Xpander Clamp Systems. The Xpander works with most any brand of parallel jaw clamp and keeps 4 clamps perfectly spaced, from butted up right next to each other up to 15" apart on the smaller model and 17-1/2" apart on the larger. Adjusting the spacing is as simple as sliding the two outside clamps in or out…the linkage system automatically keeps the middle clamps straight, upright and evenly spaced. When the job is done, just slide the clamps together and store them away as a single unit.

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Xpander Clamp System - Compatible with Parallel Jaw Clamps from 24 to 40 inches Xpander Clamp System - Compatible with Parallel Jaw Clamps from 24 to 40 inches SKU: XPANDER-2430

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Xpander Clamp System - Compatible with 40 and 50 inch parallel jaw clamps Xpander Clamp System - Compatible with 40 and 50 inch parallel jaw clamps SKU: XPANDER-4050

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Originally Invented by Izzy Swan, Perfected by Woodpeckers Engineers

Both models give you the full range of your clamps. The clamping head can easily move from inside the bar holder to outside the bar holder, and the bar holder itself adjusts 5". This means there are no “dead spots”.  You can squeeze every inch out of your clamps’ capacity. 

Working with your clamps held in an Xpander system makes everything about your glue-up go smoother. The clamps are locked vertically, so they won’t fall over if you bump them. The clamping heads adjust easily along the rail, since the bar is held in place. As mentioned before, spacing between the clamps is automatic. And, the clamps are elevated off the work surface, simplifying the application of clamping cauls or Woodpeckers Joint Bridges. 

The linkage bars of the Xpander are powder-coated steel…glue pops off easily. The clamp holders are tough injection-molded polycarbonate. Each clamp holder ends in a nylon foot that slides easily and won’t mar the surface of your workbench. Set screws in the clamp holders quickly and easily secure your clamps in the Xpander. Once installed, you can leave them in all the time, or pop them out if needed individually.  

When the glue is dry and the panel has moved to the next step, just collapse the Xpander and stand it against a wall or slide it on a shelf…the entire assembly is barely larger than the clamps themselves and it stores neatly without turning into a tangled mess like loose clamps tend to do. 

The larger 4050 Xpander accommodates 40" to 50" clamps. The smaller 2430 Xpander handles 24" to 40" clamps. The 4050 expands to 53" from edge to edge, allowing you to glue up panels up to 60" long. The 2430 expands to 46" edge to edge, letting you glue up panels 53" long.

Like all Woodpeckers products, Xpander Clamp Systems are precisely built and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio facility, just south of Cleveland. We’re introducing Xpanders with special pre-production pricing. Place your order before Monday, October 17, 2022 to be among the first to own this clever collaboration and save some money at the same time. Shipping is scheduled for January 2023

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