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Woodpeckers BC4-M2 Box Clamp


Clever Casework Clamps Speed Assembly And Square Your Work

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Better than an extra pair of hands in the shop, because extra hands can’t guarantee your stock is being held square! Woodpeckers Box Clamps hold your box and case good projects perfectly square while you check joinery, do layout work, or install fasteners. The clever low-profile wedge system forces the corner square, even if the two sides are different thicknesses (up to 1/4" difference). The outside of the corner has no obstructions. That means box joints and dovetails with pins that overlap are no problem, neither are T-joints, and there’s nothing in your way when you’re installing screws or other fasteners. 

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BC4-M2 Box Clamp, pair BC4-M2 Box Clamp, pair SKU: BC4-M2X2
Fits material from 1/4” to 1” thick. Includes: Box Clamp, hardware, knob and instructions. Sold in pairs.

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Woodpeckers BC4-M2 Box Clamps

You get hardware to use the Box Clamps two different ways. You can rest it flat on a table (or even mount it) or change the clamping bolt, add a knob and use it as a hand-held clamp on the upper sections of your project. The change from one mode to the other takes just seconds, so don’t think you’re married to one way or the other. 

You can glue-up or dry-fit any 90° joint quickly and easily. Just position the fixed block using the scale molded right into the base, then, as you tighten the clamp, equal pressure is applied to both parts and they’re pulled into perfect 90° alignment. It’s that simple. 

These clamps work great on butt joints, miters, dadoes, rabbets, T-joints, dovetails and box joints…even when material overhangs the joint face. Its open design lets you easily nail or screw along the full length of the joint.

If you’re a fan of pocket-hole joinery, you’ll love Woodpeckers Box Clamps. They eliminate joint creeping and keep your assembly square while you concentrate on driving the screws. 

Woodpeckers Box Clamps are made using a nearly indestructible glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate. They can accommodate stock from 1/4" to a full 1". They’re sold in pairs. Each box clamp comes with both knobs and hex head bolts. You can convert from table mount to top mount in seconds.

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Box Clamps are built right here in Northeast Ohio, carefully assembled and packaged in the same place and shipped straight from the factory to your workshop. 

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Country of Manufacture United States


Q: The screw is not flush on the bottom of the clamp - how do I fix this? 

A: If the screw is not flush to the base of the clamp then the wedges need to be adjusted so that the top wedge sits higher than the bottom wedge when tightened down.  The bottom wedge screw should sit flush to the base.

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