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TS 2000 & TS 2000 Ultra Ridge Carbide Saw Blades

table saw blade

The Ridge Carbide TS2000 is an awesome saw blade for serious woodworkers.  Although most saw blade manufacturers make similar claims, reality is clearly behind this top-shelf performer and winner of numerous product reviews.

Ridge Carbide, located in NJ, begins with a roller tensioned .087” thick steel body that is designed to remain harmonic free during the most demanding cutting situations. 

Because of the way this blade is made, no dampeners are required or needed to get performance that surpasses most other saw blades even when combined with a dampener.  By not using a dampener, you don't sacrifice any cutting depth.  

The 40 teeth on this saw blade are ground from C4 micro grain carbide, and go through a four step shaping and sharpening process.  This process finishes with a 1200 grit pass to create razor sharp edges.  In spite of the higher cost, the TS2000 saw blade utilizes WH style carbide teeth which can be resharpened 20 – 25 times because of their increased thickness.  

Low cost blades have a .010” radial or side clearance to keep irregular teeth from rubbing on the sides of the cut.  The TS2000 is so accurate that the radial clearance is reduced to a mere .001” which dramatically improves the smoothness of the finished cut.  

ts 2000 blade


One really nice feature of this saw blade is the fact that you can not only do excellent ripping and cross cuts, but that they've added 5 flat top teeth amongst the 35 ATB's which gives you a crisp flat bottom dado.  

And finally, where your typical full kerf saw blade might have .008” - .012” run out, the TS2000 is more likely to be between .000” and .0015”.  

Bottom line, for those woodworkers who've seen this terrific saw blade demonstrated at many woodworking shows over the last 15 years, you can appreciate how this “not so well known” blade can cut, for the rest, you might want to consider giving one a try to see what you've been missing.


The new Ultra Blade offers you the same extremely high quality as the TS2000 with its identical C4 micro-grain and a finish grind of 1200, but offers 8 additional teeth.  All 48 teeth feature a 25 degree alternate top bevel and also have a 5 degree alternate shear face angle.  The result is an even better cut on your ripping and crosscutting.  You can expect a slicker cut on both hardwoods and soft woods and no splintering on plywood veneers.   Blade Specs:  Kerf Width =.125 /  Diameter =10” / Bore=5/8” / Teeth=48”




Diameter – 10”
Bore - 5/8”
Kerf - .093” or .125”
Teeth -  40
Carbide - C4-MG
Finish grind - 1200
Bevel - 15 deg
Relief - 20 deg
Side Clear - .001”


Available in Thin Kerf (TS2000TK) or Full Kerf (TS2000).


“The day I received the Ridge blade I took it out to my shop to try. I had the Forrest blade in my table saw and proceeded to cut 3/4" plywood and some solid oak. I set the samples aside and then installed the TS2000. Holly cow what a difference! Smooth as silk! and no burn marks!”  P. Banks.


40 Tooth, ATB 10” Saw Blade, Full Kerf


40 Tooth, ATB 10" Saw Blade, Thin Kerf


ULTRA 48 Tooth ATB 10” Saw Blade - Full Kerf .125”