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OneTIME Tool - Deluxe Trammel System - 2017 - Retired August 14, 2017


Accurately Draw, Scribe and Gauge Distances with Confidence.

You’ve Never Seen a System Quite like This. Until now, trammel points or beam compasses were limited to scribing arcs or drawing circles beyond the capacity of a compass. They are handy tools but lacked precision and broader functionality. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, the Deluxe Trammel System, takes the basic trammel concept to a level never seen before.

Seven Function Trammel System. Check out these features! The Deluxe System includes five sets of precision-machined attachments that provide always reliable marking and gauging functions. Standard trammel attachments include sharp scribe points and a purpose built mechanical pencil and holder. Four other types of attachments are used to draw or scribe lines referencing the edge of a board, find or locate precise distances between holes, accurately layout hole centers for drilling and, lastly, specially milled components used to check if project components are square by gauging diagonal corners.

How the System Works and Why it’s So Precise. Woodpeckers Deluxe Trammel System starts with three beams that are laser engraved with Imperial scales on one edge and metric scales on the other. Beam scale lengths are 12"(300mm), 24"(600mm) and 36"(900mm). Two sliding clamps are attached to the beam. The top of these clamps have hairlines engraved dead-center for precise placement on the scales. The clamp bottoms have female threaded holes for affixing the pairs of attachments.

Scribe, Hole Locator and Edge Gauge Attachments. Sharp scribe pins thread in for traditional trammel point use. Edge Gauge attachments have a machined flat section for referencing stock edges when drawing or scribing. Cone shaped Hole Locator attachments thread in for measuring the distance between hole centers. These can also be used to lay out hole spacing by dimpling the stock with the point of the cone.

Pencil Attachment. Two attachments called Pencil Holders (one for use with the inch scale and the other for the metric scale) are used in conjunction with the special mechanical pencil. These offset the clamp by exactly 1” (or 2 cm). Now you are set to strike an arc or draw a circle. Alternately, attach an Edge Gauge for drawing lines parallel to the edge of your stock.

Corner Gauge Attachments. Corner Gauges are like Edge Gauges but have 90° angle milled into the bottom instead of a flat. To check any part for square, simply place them across the part’s diagonal corners. Use the inch or metric scale to determine just how out of square a part or assembly is. These same corner gauges make the nearly impossible task of drawing arcs centered right on the corner super easy.

Finest Materials, Precision-Machined In the U.S.A. The Deluxe Trammel System includes 16 components that are 100 percent USA made. Materials are aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Every part is precision-machined, one-at-a-time, on state-of-the-art CNC equipment in Woodpeckers own shop. The Trammel System will be delivered in a custom milled case you can hang in your shop to keep everything organized.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay! Like all our OneTIME Tools, the Deluxe Trammel System is only made to order. Deadline to order yours is Monday, August 14, 2017. Delivery is scheduled for December 2017.

All Woodpeckers tools are manufactured in our shop located in Strongsville, Ohio U.S.A.  Pre-Order Yours Today!

Credit Card Policy. Please note if you're paying by credit card, you will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. However Paypal and other payment services may charge you at the time the order is placed.

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