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OneTIME Tool - One Piece T Square - 2014 - Retired October 20, 2014


T-Squares For Accurate Joint Layout.

Precision T-Squares. Woodpeckers T-Squares set a new standard for accuracy in detailed layout work. These tools represent a significant improvement over the combination square many woodworkers use for this work. No more compensating “just a little” to allow for the position of your pencil point. Our T-Squares let you precisely lay out accurate, repeatable cut lines for joinery, hardware and more.

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Product Image Product Name
One Piece T Square - Inch Set - 2014 One Piece T Square - Inch Set - 2014 SKU: TS-SET-IN-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - Metric Set - 2014 One Piece T Square - Metric Set - 2014 SKU: TS-SET-MM-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 200mm One Piece T Square - 200mm SKU: TS-200-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 8" One Piece T Square - 8" SKU: TS-8-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 6" One Piece T Square - 6" SKU: TS-6-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 150mm - 2014 One Piece T Square - 150mm - 2014 SKU: TS-150-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 75mm One Piece T Square - 75mm SKU: TS-75-2014
Out of stock
One Piece T Square - 3" One Piece T Square - 3" SKU: TS-3-2014
Out of stock

Why Woodpeckers T-Squares Work So Well. When we designed our T-Squares, we kept two important facts in mind. First, every layout uses the edge of the workpiece as a reference surface. That told us our T-Square required a precision-machined lip to seat solidly against the work. Second, a fine-pointed mechanical pencil guided in a perfectly fit hole produces a precise, repeatable mark.

These design principals guided the development of our T-Square, a tool that eliminates the inevitable errors that creep into layout work when plotting lines by eye and marking with a standard pencil.

More Great Features. Our T-Squares employ a wide blade with a 30° bevel on the long edges. On the bevels we precision-engrave 1/32” scale marks right down to the surface of the work which eliminates sighting errors when measuring and marking.

The mid-section of our blade has precision-machined, micro-fine, 1mm holes spaced in 1/32” or 1mm increments (depending on type). These holes are sized to fit a mechanical pencil perfectly. With your pencil captured, there’s no chance your layout line can wander off course.

(Recommended pencil lead - .7mm or .9mm)

To assure our T-Square will never lose it’s extreme accuracy, we machine the entire tool from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum that’s anodized for protection and easy readability.

Choose From Three Sizes of T-Squares In Either Imperial or Metric Scales. Our T-Squares are offered in 3”, 6” or 8” length blades. Metric T-Square blades are 75mm, 150mm and 200mm with 1mm scale spacing. Sets of all three Imperial or metric squares can be ordered at a special savings.

Pre-Order Now, Don’t Delay. Like all our OneTIME Tools®, our T-Squares are scheduled for a one-time production run. We’ll make only enough units to fill orders received by October 20, 2014. Once orders are filled, these precision joinery layout tools will be retired from our product line. Order yours today! Delivery is scheduled for February, 2015.

All Woodpeckers tools are made by our highly skilled machinists operating state-of-the-art CNC equipment in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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