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Every table saw comes with a miter gauge. A miter gauge is indispensable for cross cutting smaller work. But when it comes to handling wider or longer material, a miter gauge may not be enough. The new Incra MITER5000 Miter Sled is designed to deliver all the support and accuracy needed when cutting larger panels.

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The new MITER5000 incorporates patented innovations like an adjustable steel miter bar with ten, low friction nylon expansion points. These expanding disks ensure a perfect fit with the slot in your saw and at the same time, eliminate the steel-on-steel friction of a standard bar. The bar also features a formed steel T-clip that engages the T-shape at the bottom of most miter slots. This clip supports the sled, even when it is extended 25"* from the blade.

Next you have a high-pressure laminated sled, which consists of a 17 3/4" wide main panel and a 13 3/4" right side panel. This 1/2" thick platform is the perfect support for stock on both sides of the blade. The main (left) panel features two aluminum T-Slot panel connectors. These integrated T-slots enable you to utilize a hold down clamp to secure material to the sled.The right side panel gets split during installation into a narrow, renewable segment and a sliding right side support panel. You’ll quickly learn to appreciate how this design maintains zero-clearance to the saw blade, even after tipping the blade for compound miter cuts.

Extra right side panels are available so each can be dedicated to different blade angles or kerf widths.

The fence on the MITER5000 is a telescoping, 36" anodized aluminum fence incorporating Incra’s patented incremental racks. These racks, when combined with the incremental FlipSTOP, bring .001" repeatability to all your cross cuts. The telescoping 4" fence section is attached to a self-storing extender bar which houses another adjustable lexan scale. The stop can be set up to 60" from the saw blade.

When it comes to setting the fence to the perfect angle, nothing comes close to the ease and accuracy of the AngleLOCK miter mechanism on the MITER5000. Utilizing the three actuators on the miter head, in seconds, you can positively set up to 364 different angles with absolute confidence. *Actual cross cut capacity will vary depending on saw design.


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