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Incra Marking and Measuring Master Set


Rule Your Shop with the INCRA Rules Master Set

INCRA Precision Rules are among the most accurate layout tools on the market and certainly some of the most innovative. INCRA rules feature perforations perfectly sized to receive a 0.5mm lead mechanical pencil. Most models feature both single point and short stroke openings. They're also incredibly thin, eliminating the visual parallax you fight with when trying to sight a calibration on a traditional rule.

Sold Out! Reserve Yours Today! Expected to Ship August 25, 2024.

Now you can add all the flexibility and precision of the INCRA measuring system to your shop with one click. The INCRA Rules Master Set includes all the variations of their design in their most popular sizes.  Here’s what comes in the set:

Marking Rules (6” & 12”) -  Perfect when laying out between points or when starting from an inside corner. Flexible enough to wrap around curves.

T-Rules (3”, 6” & 12”) - The extruded aluminum edge locks in at the zero-point making it a snap to measure from the edge of your workpiece. Pinpoint any measurement, or slide along the edge with your pencil in place to scribe perfectly parallel lines.

Bend Rules (6” & 12”) - Nothing compares to the Bend Rule when you need to mark both the face and edge of a board at the same time. The Bend Rule wraps around the edge of your stock, giving you identical calibrations on both sides without guesswork or trying to establish the same reference point twice.

Protractor - Here’s the same precision found in the rules transferred to degrees in a protractor. Calibrated down to half degrees!

X-Y Marker - Perfectly locate a point referenced from two edges. This is so handy for locating door hardware or laying out mortises.

Centering Rule - With zero at the center, the scale extends both directions, making it so simple to find the center of a board – just move it until you have the same measurement at both ends and zero is the middle! Or, start from one point and instantly mark two points equidistant from that center point.

Pocket Rule - Handy as a pocket in your shirt…and that’s just the place to keep this credit card sized gem when you’re working. It has all the features of the Marking Rules, but at just 3” long and a generous 2 inches wide, it’s perfect to keep close at hand when you’re doing layout work.

Pencils - To make sure you have one every time you need it, we’re including 3 0.5mm mechanical pencils in the Master Set. Leave one everywhere you need one!

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