For more than a year now, factory scheduling has turned into a high-stress process. The global pandemic has placed enormous strains on the supply chain. Stainless steel has quadrupled in price and the aircraft-grade aluminum found in almost every tool we build has more than doubled. Worse than increased costs, lead times for these materials have gone from a few days to as much as seven months. We’re doing our best to work with our suppliers to keep the disruption of our customers’ orders to a minimum, but no one is optimistic that the situation will improve anytime soon. 

We’re doing our best to keep things moving forward, but our delivery performance has been strained. We apologize for any inconvenience this has created. We’re doing everything we can to get tools out the door. Your patience with us is very much appreciated. If you’re waiting for a tool or planning to place an order, please know we’re doing everything we can to get it to you as quickly as possible. As always, if you’re buying directly from us and paying with a credit card, you won’t be charged until your tools are ready to ship. PayPal and similar services may charge you when your order is placed.