Get Professional Routing Results Every Time: Woodpeckers Router Tables for Woodworking

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Get Professional Routing Results Every Time: Woodpeckers Router Tables for Woodworking

One of the most versatile and useful tools in the workshop is the router table. With a router table, you can rout smooth edge profiles like ogees, roundovers, and coves on both straight and curved workpieces. With a router table, it’s easy to create a variety of joints like tenon and groove; rabbets; tongue and groove; and lap joints, just to name a few. Build professional-quality cabinet doors using your router table to create the joinery and panels for frame-and-panel doors. You can even turn your router table into a jointer to create smooth, square, and straight edges on the workpiece. 

Router Table Anatomy

A router table, in simple terms, provides a stable, stationary mount for your handheld router. The router mounts upside down under a table which is attached to a base. The table provides a wide, flat surface for the workpiece. A router fence on the tabletop comes in handy where the workpiece needs to be guided across the router bit. Of course, you can purchase one of the Woodpeckers Router Table Packages which include everything you need to assemble a complete router table. Another option is to custom-build your own router table.

Assembled Woodpeckers Router Table Premium Package.

Woodpeckers has a variety of Router Table Packages to fit your needs and budget.


Woodpeckers offers a high-quality, adjustable router table stand and wheel kit. This sturdy steel stand creates a rock-solid platform for your router table. An added benefit is that you can adjust the height of the router table stand to suit your needs. 

Assembled Woodpeckers Router Table Stand.

The first requirement for a router table is a sturdy router table stand. 


Next, comes your selection of Router Table Tops. Woodpeckers router table tops are available in MDF and Phenolic. MDF tops are inexpensive and provide an economical solution for a flat table top. Phenolic router table tops are made from a durable resin to make them resistant to heat, humidity, and moisture.

Woodpeckers phenolic router table top with miter slot and fence mounting tracks.
A router table top must be flat in order to obtain professional results when routing. 

Most router table tops incorporate some way to attach a fence. Woodpeckers router table tops include a pair of fence mounting tracks. Also handy is the aluminum miter slot track. This allows you to use a miter gauge to rout the end of a workpiece.

As mentioned earlier, a router table fence is a must-have accessory for your router table. It provides way to support and guide the workpiece to make various cut at the router table.

Woodpeckers Super Fence shown on Woodpeckers MDF Router Table Top.

A router table fence supports and guides the workpiece over the router bit as well as facilitating dust collection. 

The Woodpeckers Super Fence opens up a world of options for routing and joinery operations at the router table. The sturdy construction provides a solid foundation for guiding and supporting the workpiece. From edge profiles to making raised cabinet door panels, the Woodpeckers Super Fence helps you obtain professional results every time.

Insert Plate and Router

After assembling the router table stand, attaching the router table top, and securing the fence, the last thing to do is add a router. Here, you have a number of options. The simplest is to purchase an insert plate and attach your router to it before dropping the assembly into the opening in the router table top. The Woodpeckers Cast Aluminum Router Mounting Plate is available predrilled to fit many routers. 

Woodpeckers Cast Aluminum Router Mounting Plate shown installed in MDF router table top.

A router table insert plate, such as Woodpeckers Cast Aluminum Router Mounting Plate provides a solid, flat mount for your router.

If your router isn’t listed, you can purchase a blank router mounting plate and use your router’s sub-base plate to mark and drill the holes necessary to attach the plate to your router. It’s not as difficult as you might think and complete instructions are included.

A nuisance with using a simple router mounting plate, or router table insert, is that you have to feel around underneath the router table top to turn the router on. And adjusting the height of the router bit can turn into a frustrating guessing game.

One way to eliminate this hassle is to use a router lift. A router lift uses a router mounting plate, but underneath is a mechanism that holds the motor of your router and make it simple to adjust router bit height. The Woodpeckers PRL V2 Precision Router Lift is solidly engineered and built to make bit height adjustments with unprecedented, repeatable accuracy.

Up on top of the router lift mounting plate, you use a crank to adjust the height of the router close to the desired height. Make super-fine height adjustments using the wheel then lock the height in place before routing. 



A router table can quickly become one of the most-used tools in your woodworking shop. The possibilities for joinery, edging, and a host of creative opportunities quickly become evident, especially when using a Woodpeckers Router Table.

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