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Deep Dive - Duax Angle Drilling Table

duax drilling table
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Deep Dive - Duax Angle Drilling Table

Woodpeckers new Duax Angle Drilling Table works with your drill press to deliver precisely angled holes. In this 12-minute video Jeff Farris talks about the geometry of angled legs in chairs and stools, shares his shortcut to avoid the trigonometry and shows you how to set up the Duax for perfect fitting stool legs. Download the handy Excel spreadsheet, Resultant Sightline Angle Calculator from Matt McGrane for a short-cut to figuring out rake and splay geometry!

Resultant and Sightline Angle Calculator article:

NOTE about the Resultant Sightline Angle CalculatorThere are some instructions on the last of the four sheets.  The first sheet has a convenient table (for whole number angles in degrees) and at the bottom is a very easy calculator to get the resultant and sightline for ANY rake and splay angles you input.  The second and third sheets deal with the math.

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Richard DeLeon
Hey Jeff very good presentation and detail