Amana Tool A.G.E. Series Table Saw Blades, 3-Pack

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(INCLUDES MD10-800, MD10-600 AND MD10-240 BLADES)

A.G.E Series table saw blades from Amana Tool are industrial quality blades for cabinet shops, professional woodworkers and discerning hobbyists.  Manufactured in Germany to exacting specifications, these blades deliver excellent performance and a great price.  For all of your woodworking challenges, we have put together a 3-piece set that includes 2 cross-cut blades and a rip blade.  The cross-cut blades are designed for smooth crosscuts in a variety of materials from hardwoods, softwoods, and sheet goods, including chipboard. The alternate top bevel and 10º hook angle provides a smooth surface and a long cutting life.  The MD10-800 is 80T ATB, 10 Deg. .126” Kerf, with 5/8” bore and the MD10-600 is 60T ATB, 12 Deg, .126” Kerf, with 5/8” bore.  The rip blade’s low tooth count and large gullets combine to make this blade fast and aggressive. The absolutely flat, laser-cut body ensures precise cuts. The laser-cut expansion slots virtually eliminate vibration and noise. The MD10-240 is 24T ATB, 20 Deg, .126” Kerf, with 5/8” bore.

Amana Tool A.G.E. Series Table Saw Blade 3-pack

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Country of Manufacture Germany