Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 96"


Now 8ft. Long With New "Center Of Field" Marking Tabs.

Story Sticks For Flawless, Repeatable Full-Scale Layout Marking And Measuring. Woodworkers and builders of all stripes have relied on the story stick for centuries. These modest marking tools, often simply lengths of wood, delivered repeatable measurements without the need of calibrated measuring devises or even workers skilled in using them. Over the centuries, story sticks had many names. When used in building the pyramids of Egypt, they were “boning-rods.” Other names are story pole, story rod, jury stick and preacher board.

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Story Stick Pro-96" Story Stick Pro-96" SKU: SSPRO-96
Includes three track sections to combine into 96" track with both inch and metric scales. Also includes (4) Standard Tabs, (4) Offset Tabs, (2) Caliper Arms, (4) Track Connectors and Stop.

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Story Stick Pro Standard Tabs - (4 pack) Story Stick Pro Standard Tabs - (4 pack) SKU: SSPRO-TABPK
(4) Pack of Standard Tabs for the Story Stick Pro for edge-of-work piece marking. Includes hardware.

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Story Stick Pro Offset Tabs - (4 pack) Story Stick Pro Offset Tabs - (4 pack) SKU: SSPRO-OFFTB
(4) Pack of Offset Tabs for the Story Stick Pro for center-of-field marking. Includes hardware.

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SS Pro Caliper Arms - 1 set SS Pro Caliper Arms - 1 set SKU: SSPRO-CA
Includes One (1) set of Caliper Arms for the Story Stick Pro. Includes hardware.

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Story Stick Pro Connectors - Pair Story Stick Pro Connectors - Pair SKU: SSPRO-CON

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Story Stick Pro-96, The Ultimate Evolution of This Essential Tool! Now, Woodpeckers SSPRO-96 doubles the length of the previous model to 8 feet. This generous length is achieved by fastening three lengths of track together. Specially machined connectors and precisely machined section lengths insure accuracy along the entire 8’ laser engraved track. Scales on one edge are Imperial with metric scales on the other. Use the removable end stop to hook the story stick to the edge of a board.

New Offset Tabs Means “Center Field” Is Covered. Earlier Story Stick Pro models were limited to marking the edges of material so the standard marking tabs could set flush on the work. But Woodpeckers all-new Offset Marking Tabs allow marking anywhere between edges because they step down the track thickness to rest flush on the material. Imagine, now you can make precise, repeatable marks everywhere and anywhere on a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.

But that’s not all! In the woodshop, you can use the SSPRO-96 to lay out precise locations for cabinet parts including face frame stiles and rails, partitions, shelves, drawers and more. Use it to mark precise, repeatable locations of cabinet hardware like door hinges, drawer slides and other decorative hardware such as knobs and pulls. Importantly, you can mark both right and left handed locations without making any adjustments.

Caliper Marking Tabs For Inside-Out Measuring And Machine Setup. With Story Stick Pro’s Caliper Tabs you can literally “take off” the actual dimension of a cabinet or box opening then use that Story Stick measurement to set your saw fence for the perfect cut. These tabs are ideal for cutting perfectly sized shelves, drawer bottoms, face frame rails and more.

Complete Story Stick Pro-96 Package. Our Story Stick Pro-96 has everything you need. Included are the three sections of track to make up the 8 foot length, four specially machined track connectors, four standard edge marking tabs, two caliper arms for inside/outside marking, four offset surface marking tabs for center-of-field marking, the end-stop and all the bolt and knob hardware needed.

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