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Whiteside Standard Glue Joint Bit

Special Price $73.78 Regular Price $86.80
This glue joint bit, like other tongue and groove cutters, increases the surface area of the joint. With this increased area for glue, you'll have a stronger joint. Another nice feature is the single set up required to cut either piece.
Sold Out! Reserve Yours Today! Expected to Ship July 8, 2024.

The 45 degree lock miter joint is created by running both pieces of stock through the same cutter, using the same setup. One board is fed through vertically, and the second will be fed through horizontally.

Why not use this bit on your next project? Humidors, jewelry boxes, drawers, hollow columns or almost any other project with squared corners can go from nice to jaw dropping by incorporating this joint.

Whiteside Router Bits attention to quality of materials and expert brazing and grinding technologies has made them a furniture industry favorite since the early 70's.

Available in 1/2" shank only. Carbide Tipped.