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Whiteside Spoilboard Router Bit

Special Price $80.19 Regular Price $94.34
While developing our Slab Flattener, we asked the fine folks at Whiteside for a recommendation on the proper bit. Their model 6220 CNC Spoilboard Bit fits the bill. Although designed for CNC work, it is an excellent choice when using a slab flattener.

While testing our new tool on slabs, we also tested this bit on end grain cutting boards and it performed exceptionally well.


  • This CNC bit can also be used to flatten live edge boards that may be too large to go through your planer.
  • Four wings make a fast, clean cut on your project material. This is a carbide tipped CNC router bit.


  • Shank: 1/2"
  • Cut Diameter: 2"
  • Cut Length: 1/2"