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Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Bit

The 45 Degree Lock Miter Bits from Whiteside are some of the most useful bits in your shop. Virtually anywhere you could use a miter, you could use a lock miter bit to create a beautiful joint that is strong and very easy to assemble. Not only does this cutter create a perfect 45 degree cut, but it also adds a tongue and groove element that strengthens the joint and makes assembly a breeze.
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45 Degree Lock Miter - 3 1/8 45 Degree Lock Miter - 3 1/8" diameter (for stock thickness 1/2"-1 1/4") SKU: 43360

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Special Price $101.78 Regular Price $135.71
45 Degree Lock Miter - 2 45 Degree Lock Miter - 2" diameter (for stock thickness 1/2"-3/4") SKU: 43362

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Special Price $79.60 Regular Price $106.13

Wedge shaped tongue and groove joints are a little simpler to make than the straight variety which requires a near perfect match to make a strong joint.

This particular Whiteside brand set is designed for material from 5/8” to 1-1/4” thick. Both cutters are 1/2" shank. These bits do not have a ball bearing and as such should be used with a simple split fence on a router table. (The Woodpecker LE Fence is well suited for this application.