Wera Kompakt Micro Screwdriver Set 25-piece


Not your traditional woodworking set, but with the need to work on fine electronics at home, this set is another essential for the shop.  The Wera Micro screwdriver set for fine mechanical screw connections is a must have. By supporting the hand on the rotating cap, and by the fast rotating zone below the rotating cap, lightning fast turning is possible. Time-consuming hand switching is eliminated. Storage and transport in a robust roll-bag, so the correct tool is always at hand. With the Take it easy tool finder: color coding by profile and size stamping. 

Wera Kompakt Micro Screwdriver Set 25-piece

Included components:

1x Kraft form Micro Big Pack 1 Screwdriver set for electronic applications, 25 pieces; 3x 2050 PH Screwdriver for Phillips screws for electronic applications: PH 000x40, PH 00x40, PH 0x40; 2x 2067 TORX screwdriver for TORX screws for electronic applications: TX 5x40, TX 6x40; 5x 2067 TORX HF screwdriver with holding function for electronic applications: TX 5x40, TX 6x40, TX 7x60, TX 8x60, TX 10x60; 1x 2067 IPR TORX PLUS screwdriver for electronic applications, 1 IPR x 40 mm; 4x 2054 Screwdriver for hexagon socket screws for electronic applications: 0. 9x40, 1. 3x40, 1. 5x60, 2x60; 6x 2035 Screwdriver for slotted screws for electronic applications: 0. 23x1. 5x40, 0. 30x1. 8x60, 0. 35x2. 5x40, 0. 40x2. 0x60, 0. 40x2. 5x80, 0. 50x3. 0x80; 2x 2069 Nutdriver for electronic applications: 4. 0x60, 5. 5x60; 1x 2072 Kraft form Micro screwdriver for Microstix screws, m x 40 mm; 1x 1429 Chip lifter, 1 x 3. 5 x 50 mm; 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 240, 240 x 50 mm.

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Country of Manufacture Czech Republic


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