Wera Kompakt 100 52-piece Driver Bit Set

We just added this little gem of a tool set from Wera. Is was unbelievably handy in the shop were you almost never have the right driver bit handy. This 52-pieceset solves that problem and more. Stored in a surface-protecting, compact textile pouch which is extremely robust. The compact tool set fits efficiently in the tool box or glove compartment. Includes 52 screwdriving tools. 1 bit holder Rapidaptor with quick-release chuck; 1 bit holder Rapidaptor with quick-release chuck for take-up in the power screwdriver or use in the chuck of the power drill; 30 BiTorsion bits with a length of 1” for long service life, tough-absorbing (BTZ), for universal use, extra hard (BTH), 12 Impaktor bits with a length of 2” for particularly demanding jobs, 8 metric L-keys with Hex-Plus profile (prevents the rounding of socket head screws) and hexagonal ballpoint on the long arm for working at angles.
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