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OneTIME Tool - Vise Shims - 2015 - Retired November 30, 2015


Get A Better Grip On Your Stock And Protect You’re Valuable Vise!

A Bench Is Only As Good As The Vise That Hangs On It. Every woodworker knows a good workbench is essential to his work and bench vises are essential to a good bench. And while bench vises are heavy duty, they are not indestructible. The extreme force they generate can be their undoing if not used properly. Woodpeckers new Vise Shims protect your vise and improve vise performance at the same time. This must-have vise accessory prevents wracking that can lead to a damaged vise and damage to the stock clamped in it.

Wracking - Enemy #1 Of Your Vise and Your Stock. Wracking happens every time you clamp stock near the end of your vise because the lead screw and steel rods are in the way. When you tighten the vise with this set up, wracking will occur causing an unwanted viscous circle of events. Because equal force is not applied to your stock greater force is required to secure it. Now your vise is wracked even more possibly bending it. The result? Wracking can crush a corner of your stock due to the tremendous, unequal force. Worse yet, your vise can be bent causing permanent damage.

Woodpeckers Precision Vise Shims Eliminate Wracking. When you insert vise shims equal to the thickness of you stock at the opposite end of the vise, clamping force is equalized. Woodpeckers new Vise Shims can be combined to match just about all the possible stock thicknesses a woodworker will ever need. The 22-piece shim set is comprised of 16 stainless steel shims 1/16” thick, four shims 1/32" thick, plus one big shim at 1-1/2" and another that’s 1/2". When all are used, Vice Shims can handle stock up to 3" thick.

Our full deck of shims is captured in an aluminum collar in which they easily slide up and down. The collar quickly comes apart to rearrange shim positions or add or remove shims to get that perfect fit. Furthermore, our unique design means there’s no fussing around to align the shims between the vise faces since they drop straight down without slipping sideways. And when you order Vise Shims, your set will be delivered in a rugged molded case with a custom cut foam interior to provide a lifetime of protection.

Order Now, Don’t Delay!

The Vise Shims are part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and are only made to order. Deadline to order yours is November 30, 2015. Once the deadline passes and orders are filled, the Vise Shims will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for April, 2016.

Like all Woodpeckers tools, the Vise Shims are manufactured in our machine shop near Cleveland, Ohio.

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