Universal Clamp Support


Woodpeckers New Universal Clamp Support makes panel gluing fast and easy…no matter what style clamps you have! Whether you use pipe clamps, bar clamps or parallel jaw clamps, there are slots in the Universal Clamp Support that will keep your clamps upright and aligned while you position your stock. The bars of the clamps are slightly below the surface of the support grid, so you never worry about black marks from glue squeeze-out contacting iron.

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Universal Clamp Support

This simple, yet effective, clamp holding fixture buys you extra time during glue-ups by streamlining the process. The four sides of the Universal Clamp Support assemble in seconds using interlocking notches in each bar, forming a sturdy “egg crate” joint.  Round clamp support cut-outs are spaced at 5" intervals on two of the sides. Rectangular slots are spaced at 2-3/8" intervals on the other two sides. Just choose the style support you need, pick the interlocking notches that make your support grid the right size and drop your clamps in place. They’ll stay upright and in place until it’s time to cinch them down. For longer glue-ups simply use a second, or even third, Universal Clamp Support. It couldn’t be easier!

Heavy-duty pipe clamp fixtures with cast handles require you to work off the edge of your bench, but the Universal Clamp Support elevates these style clamps so the handles can turn completely when over the bench. The fixture is made of heavy duty, 3/32" thick steel that’s 3" wide. You’ll appreciate the thick powder coat paint finish that dried glue barely sticks to. When it does you can easily flick it right off.

You’ll find Woodpeckers Universal Clamp Support to be the best glue up buddy a woodworker can have. Put them to work in your shop and take the stress out of glue-up time.

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