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Universal Clamp Bridges


Woodpeckers Universal Clamp Bridges eliminate awkward arrangements when you're gluing up complicated assemblies. We've all been there…for some reason a project can't be assembled in stages. It has to all get glued up at once, with clamps going in every different direction and many of them overlapping. Those overlapping areas are where things get dicey. One clamp is always right where the other clamp needs to apply pressure. That's when Universal Clamp Bridges come to the rescue. They fit over the top of all styles and sizes of clamps and give the intersecting clamp a solid place to grip, putting the pressure right where you want it and keeping everything perfectly aligned. 

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Universal Clamp Bridge - 24 piece Universal Clamp Bridge - 24 piece SKU: UCB-23X2

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Universal Clamp Bridge - 12 piece Universal Clamp Bridge - 12 piece SKU: UCB-23

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Developed by Tom DelVecchio…the DelVe Square Guy!

If you've tried to do something similar with wood scraps, chances are you met with some frustration. The blocks just never seem to want to stay where you put them. Decades of facing this issue while building and repairing furniture led our friend Tom DelVecchio to sit down at the drawing board and consider the ideal size and shape. Tom came up with an opening that spans pipe clamps, all brands of parallel jaw clamps, aluminum bar clamps, heavy-duty steel bar clamps, F-clamps and of course anything smaller. To keep them in place he shaped the hooked edge to grab even the tiniest chamfer on a clamp's bar and stay in place while you position the next clamp.


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