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Woodpeckers Turning Tools - Full Size


If you want to turn bowls, platters, furniture components and other larger scale work, Ultra- Shear Full-Size Tools are perfect for you. All the joys of turning without the complicated learning curve involved in traditional tools or the expensive and complicated sharpening equipment, either. The cutting edge is an industry-leading nano-grain carbide insert that rivals high speed steel for edge quality, but outperforms high speed steel for edge retention by 20 to 30 times. When you do need a fresh edge, just loosen the retention screw, turn the cutter, lock it back up and get back to work.

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Woodpeckers Turning Tools - Full Size Square Woodpeckers Turning Tools - Full Size Square SKU: FSS
Supplied Standard with Square Insert 20121. Also compatible with Radiused Inserts 20122 and 20123. Overall length 24″.

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Woodpeckers Turning Tools - Full Size Detail Woodpeckers Turning Tools - Full Size Detail SKU: FSD
Supplied Standard with Full Sharp Insert 20129. Also compatible with Radiused Detail Insert 20128. Overall length 24″.

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Ultra-Shear Full Size Woodturning Tools

Not Just Easier…Better. Carbide insert woodturning has gone viral over the last few years. And, why not? Without the long learning curve and endless sharpening, turning is just plain fun. But when the Woodpeckers team decided to develop a line of carbide insert woodturning tools, we didn’t just want them to be easier to use, we wanted them to actually deliver the same nearly flawless surface finish a professional turner can get with a perfectly sharpened traditional tool. 

It All Starts at the Cutting Edge. We started the project by interviewing dozens of carbide manufacturers, seeking out a partner that recognized the unique requirements of woodturning. The result of months of testing and trials is a unique nano-grain carbide matrix, polished to a mirror-finish on the cutting surface and precision ground on the bevel. They are the sharpest, longest lasting inserts on the market, and coincidentally, also made right here in Ohio.  

Change from fast stock removal to fine finishing in the blink of an eye. Carbide insert tools are typically used with the tool on the centerline of the lathe and horizontal to the ground. Ultra-Shear tools use this approach for roughing and shaping cutsbut there’s a clever “twist” to these tools. After initial shaping with the tool flat, roll it right or left and you’ll feel it land on another bearing plane, 45° from horizontal. With the tool at this angle, the wood fibers slice cleanly, leaving a surface that needs little or no sanding. It’s a technique called shear scraping, and it’s been around forever, but until now, it’s been one of those things that separates the masters from the rest of us. Ultra-Shear’s shaft geometry makes shear scraping a simple approach even beginners can use.

Built to build confidence and last for generations. The tool shanks are machined from a special alloy steel renown for its strength and resilience (4140 ChroMoly for those of you understand “steel-speak”). After machining, the shanks go through a two-step heat treating process that hardens the material throughout and tightens up the grain structure at the surface. The result is a rigid tool that resists corrosion and glides effortlessly across your tool rest. The shanks are pressed into rock maple handles, carefully designed to balance the tool in your hands. 

Three profiles in two sizes. The insert pocket for each of the three profiles has been designed to fully support the insert when installed. It performs and feels like a one-piece tool when you’re turning. Use the Full-Size Square tool for roughing cuts and to create smooth outside curves. Use the Full-Size Round tool for inside curves -- like coves in spindle work or the inside of bowls. Create crisp detail lines and sharp transitions with the Full-Size Detail tool. The same three profiles are also available in our Mid-Size tools for smaller scale work. You can buy each tool individually or save some money with a set of three. 

Ultra-Shear Woodturning Tools are precisely machined and carefully inspected by Woodpeckers in our Strongsville, Ohio, factory, just south of Cleveland. 

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Country of Manufacture United States


Q: What size allen key is needed for the turning tools?

A: The Full-size and Mid-Size Turning tool sets take a 1/16” or 3/32”, and the Pen size uses a 1/16”.

Q: How do I remove my difficult to loosen cutter screw?

A: Make sure the screw head pocket is completely clean of sawdust and residue to ensure that the wrench is fully seated in the socket before you attempt to remove it. This will give you full contact between the wrench and screw and will make removal easier. Firmly turn the screw counter clockwise to loosen.  When reinstalling the new screw, apply a light dab of anti-seize compound to the threads. 


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