Ultra-Shear 10" 40-Tooth Flat Top Groover Saw Blades


When you need flawless, flat-bottomed cuts, our 40-Tooth Flat Top Grooving Blade delivers. The teeth are shaped like a bench chisel, with a perfectly straight and square tip. It yields a beautifully machined, perfectly square groove. Even when making multiple cuts for wider grooves you'll get a smooth, flat bottom. Why deal with cleaning up after an alternate top bevel blade when a 20-second blade change can give you flawless grooves? The Flat Top Grooving Blade has a standard .125" kerf. 

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Ultra-Shear 10 x 40 Flat Top Groover Saw Blade, 1/8” Kerf, 5/8" Arbor Ultra-Shear 10 x 40 Flat Top Groover Saw Blade, 1/8” Kerf, 5/8" Arbor SKU: US1040-18FTGR

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American Made Saw Blades Sold Directly to the Woodworker

For the first time in a generation, woodworkers have a new and superior choice for their table saws. Ultra-Shear meticulously crafts these blades right here in America. They're thoughtfully engineered and carefully constructed to satisfy the requirements of professional woodworkers. Ultra-Shear carbide-tipped saw blades are constructed using the best American-made steel saw plates. Each plate is carefully heat treated, tempered, tensioned, and smithed to ensure glass smooth cuts. Every carbide tooth is brazed and ground to perfection on modern, cutting-edge equipment with hook, top and side clearance angles optimized to deliver unmatched cut quality and whisper-quiet operation. 

After reading the glowing description of this blade, you might expect to find a premium price at the end of the pitch. Sorry to disappoint you. Ultra-Shear cuts out the middleman to deliver you unmatched performance at an unbeatable price.  The 10" 40-Tooth Flat Top Grooving Blade is built to specifications equal to or exceeding the top name brands on the market, but our direct-to-your-shop business model saves you $30 or more compared to alternatives.

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Country of Manufacture United States
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