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TRACER Marking Kit

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The TRACER Marking Kit is a comprehensive marking set for general purpose marking on the construction site. The kit contains the TRACER Deep Hole Construction Pencil and Replacement lead set as well as two different coloured TRACER Clog Free Permanent Markers. Every part of the assortment kit comes equipped with a TRACER Site Holster.

The ultimate kit for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


This TRACER Marking Kit includes a Deep Hole Construction Pencil, Replacement Lead Set and 2 Clog-Free Construction Markers - 1 Black and 1 Red. Every part of the kit comes equipped with a TRACER Sit Holster


Designed to mark through dust without clogging, these Markers work on almost every surface. Including Tiles, Concrete, Brick and Wood, as well as Shiny Surfaces


The pencil is able to mark up to 100mm deep in a 3mm width hole and up to 145mm deep in a 6mm width hole. Also comes with an Inbuilt Sharpener for the perfect mark everytime!


The TRACER Pencil and Replacement Leads mark on most common materials including Wood, Plastic, Ceramics & Metal


Understanding that accidents happen on the construction site, the TRACER Lead Dispenser's sturdy design protects against accidental wear and tear. Contains 6 x 2B replacement Leads


Tracer Professional Construction Markers

TRACER aims to provide professional marking products and tools for the construction industry, offering the perfect mark for all trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Providing simple and effective solutions, their products are built to be robust with the construction site in mind. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality marking and measuring products, their products are manufactured to the highest standards and, in 2020, TRACER was awarded the Professional Builder’s Top Product Award.

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Country of Manufacture United Kingdom