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Super Fence

super fence

super fence front
Front view of Woodpeckers Super Fence.

Now you can have a router fence that's not only a high quality American made tool but also designed to help woodworkers with all woodworking operations from roundovers, raised panel doors and precision edge jointing.

One of the most innovative features of the Woodpeckers Super Fence is its micro-adjustable offset capabilities. This goes way beyond simple shims normally found with router fences. With this offset capabilities you can set an offset of any amount up to 1/4".

To make the offset even easier to use, the two fence halves automatically line up perfectly parallel when tightened down.

And of course it has a dust collection port to fit 2-1/4 and 2-1/2” hose, variable throat capabilities to handle router bits up to 4” in diameter and multiple T-Slots on every surface.

The Super Fence not only makes it easier to attach feather boards and sub-fences than any other router fence, it also is the first one to allow for the exact position of feather boards regardless of the thickness of the sub-fence.

The fence is nearly 4” tall and 5” deep with heavier than usual wall thickness for optimum support of demanding router functions.

The Super Fence can attach directly to slots spaced 17” apart from center to center. (Max table length is 36” for use with the clamps. No table size limit if mounting to slots spaced 17" on center).

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The Super Fence can be used straight or offset.

With a single offset feature, you can easily turn your router fence into a jointer.

Offset module (included with Single Offset and Double Offset version) can be added to the Basic Super Fence.

Feather boards connect directly to the fence and…

with the optional Feather board Track you can use feather boards in front of a sub-fence.

Dust collection port adapts to any 2-1/4” or 2-1/2” hose.

Simple design ensures straight and parallel fence faces.

Multiple T-Slots make it easy to attach wooden sub-fences, stops and other accessories.

Adjustment screws make it easy to get the fence perfectly square to your table during setup.


Super Fence - Single Offset 36"
Will ship after 8/17/18.

Offset In Feed, Fixed Out feed.
FREE Featherboard Track included!

Super Fence Offset Module (each)
Will ship after 8/17/18.

(Can be added to the Base or Single Offset Fence.)

Optional 18” Feather Board Track (pair)
Will ship after 8/17/18.



Micro Adjust

Ideal accessory to fine tune the position of your Woodpeckers SuperFence.


Super Track Flip Stop

Fits Woodpeckers SuperTrack and SuperFence products.