OneTIME Tool - Stubby Marking Gauge - 2013- Retired December 31, 2012


Less beam length means better control in this essential layout tool.

A marking gauge enables you to scribe a straight, razor-thin line that can capture the edge of a chisel or saw blade. If you're a woodworker, this exacting layout task is just as important today as it was three centuries ago. Every marking gauge has the same basic parts: a body or fence, an adjustable beam and a sharp scribing tip. But don't be deceived by this simple anatomy. There are plenty of refinements in marking gauge design that affect the tool's accuracy and ease of use. That's why we designed a new marking gauge you'll want to add to your arsenal of layout tools: Woodpeckers Stubby Marking Gauge.

As the name suggests, Woodpeckers Stubby Marking Gauge lacks the long beam found on most other marking gauges. We shortened the beam to the length needed for most layout operations. When you're scribing a short offset, excess beam length interferes with your grip on the tool, making the gauge unwieldy and difficult to control.

Woodpeckers Stubby Marking Gauge is easier to handle than standard marking gauges. You'll notice the better balance, control and accuracy the moment you put this tool in your hand. The stubby beam provides 1-3/8” of reach –more than ample capacity for most cabinetry and furniture projects.

Our new marking gauge incorporates (and even improves upon) a number of features that woodworkers have valued on traditional marking gauges. For example, the stainless steel wear plate will easily outlast the more common brass or wood versions. The scribe has also been upgraded to a carbide tipped, replaceable version. It simply unscrews from the hollow tube that's threaded into the beam end. As for the beam itself, its oval shape allows it to rock against your work piece for a third leg of support. Using this approach orients the scribe at an ideal angle for either push or pull strokes.

The scribe tube and clamping knob are turned and knurled from stainless steel for a lifetime of tarnish free durability and are easy to grip. The fence and beam are CNC machined from billet aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized to eliminate corrosion and ensure smooth operation. Woodpeckers Stubby Marking Gauge won't be the biggest marking gauge in your tool collection, but it may quickly become your favorite.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools. The new Stubby Marking Gauge is only made to order. The deadline to order yours is Monday December 31st. Delivery is scheduled for March 2013.

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