StealthStop Miter Gauge


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Woodpeckers StealthStop Miter Gauge takes your crosscutting and mitering accuracy to another level without breaking the bank. It starts with the leaf-spring miter bar that ensures a perfect fit regardless of how sloppy your miter slot is. Next you’ll find laser-accurate positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22-1/2°, 30°, 36°, 45° and 60° in both directions. The large, easy-to-read laser-engraved protractor simplifies setting those “in-between” angles, too. 

The StealthStop Miter Gauge is available with or without the extendable fence and stop. The fence gives you 20-1/2" of continuous support, which extends to 29". The StealthStop adjusts anywhere along the fence for repetitive cutting. The stop can be dialed in to perfect position with its built-in micro-adjuster and folds completely out of the way when not needed.

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Stealth Stop Miter Gauge Fence - Zero Clearance Blocks - 3 pack Stealth Stop Miter Gauge Fence - Zero Clearance Blocks - 3 pack SKU: SSMGZC-3PK

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Woodpeckers 1/8" Ball Wrench Woodpeckers 1/8" Ball Wrench SKU: BD-0707.474

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Take a Look at These Key Features

Leaf-Spring Miter Bar

Most after-market miter gauges include some sort of system to adjust for the width of your miter slot. But none of them compensate for a slot that varies and all of them are rubbing the side of the miter slot with something that wears and has to be readjusted. Woodpeckers patented leaf-springs expand and contract with variations in the slot and will for decades of heavy use. The bar slides smoothly through any slot, with no rattle or slop. If your saw has a T-track miter slot, the StealthStop Miter Bar has two track retainers, not just one, giving you extra support when making wide cross-cuts. No T-track? No problem. The T-washers come off with simple counter-sunk screws. Bottom line? If your miter slot is anywhere close to 3/8" x 3/4" the StealthStop Miter Gauge will fit. The leaf spring feature easily accommodates miter slots from .742" to .765" wide.


There’s a “light bulb moment” in most woodworkers’ careers when they figure out that cutting to a line can never be as quick or as consistent as cutting to a stop. Woodpeckers designed the StealthStop to pop out and do its job instantly, then disappear completely until it’s needed again. The built-in micro-adjuster gives you pinpoint control over the length of your cut. By swinging out sideways rather than from the top, StealthStops handle mitered cuts better than any other stop you can get. 

Angle Adjustment

Many positive angle stops are spring-loaded so they engage as the protractor swings along its arc, catching every time on every stop. The StealthStop Miter Gauge takes a different approach. The stop never engages until you want it to. Just depress the button as you’re approaching your desired angle and it pops in perfectly. No excessive wear on the pin or the locks and fewer annoyances for you. 

To support your material all the way through the cut, you can add a sacrificial end block to the fence. They’re available in 3-packs or you can make them yourself. Just add them to the end of the fence with a couple of track nuts. 

Like all Woodpeckers products, the StealthStop Miter Gauge is precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility just south of Cleveland. 

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