Spanish Cedar 10BF Pack


We’ve selected premium samples of Spanish Cedar for this special 10BF pack offer. Each pack consists of boards that are 4” to 6” wide, 48” long, and surfaced to 15/16”.

Get started on your next masterpiece with this special 10 board foot pack of Spanish Cedar.

Spanish Cedar, Cedrela odorata, is not a true cedar—it’s more closely related to true Mahoganies. With a relatively consistent heartwood of a lighter pinkish to reddish brown color, Spanish Cedar ranges from durable to moderately durable regarding decay resistance. It’s resistant to termite attack and has excellent weathering characteristics. Spanish Cedar will be easy to work with hand and power tools. It’s typically used in veneer, cabinetry, musical instruments, humidors, and boatbuilding.

Wood is a natural product, and pieces may vary slightly. Due to wood movement, shrinkage, and expansion, please measure each piece carefully.  Dimensioned within +/-1/8” of size listed.


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Country of Manufacture Mexico