Simonds 9-Piece 10” American Pattern Black Maxi-Sharp General Purpose File Set


Ideal for both woodworking and metalworking, these 9-piece set will be a great addition to any shop. You can tackle a wide range of shaping of sculpting tasks –removing heavy material, shaping and refining edges and curves, removing tear-out or tool marks, and more. This set is a handy assortment of the most commonly used files, each with built-in wooden handles that are smoothened for a steady grip and fatigue-free use, and all in a convenient cloth tool roll. The entire set includes (1) 10” Flat Bastard, (1) 10” Half Round Bastard, (1) 10” Round Bastard, (1) 10” Mill Bastard, (1) 10” Square Bastard, (1) 10” Flat Smooth, (1) 7” Slim Taper, (1) 10” Hobby Rasp, and (1) File Card.

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Simonds 9-Piece 10” American Pattern Black Maxi-Sharp General Purpose File Set

Mill File

Mill files are single cut on the sides and edges, and taper towards the point in width. Excellent for a wide range of wood-shaping applications.

Square File

Created for slots, key ways, square holes or general surface filing. Square Files are double cut and taper toward the point in width and thickness, and feature the exclusive “wavy tooth” design.

Round File

Intended for enlarging and rounding out circular openings or concave surfaces. Round Files are double cut and taper toward the point in width and thickness. 


Gullet Special Files are single cut and parallel in width and thickness. Designed for shaping flat or round surfaces and cleaning up edges, you can also use the half-round on wide band saw blades to “dress out” and maintain smooth round gullets and eliminate crack-causing case hardening.

Flat File

Excellent for “hogging” or rapid stock removal. Flat Files are double cut on both sides, single cut on the edges, and taper toward the point in width. Simonds Flat Files feature the exclusive “wavy tooth” design.

Taper Saw

Designed for filing all types of saws with 60° angle teeth. Taper saw files are triangular in shape, have cut edges, and taper toward the point in width and thickness.

File Card

Excess build-up can cause clogging in your file, resulting in slipping, scratching, or other filing inefficiencies. The Simonds File Card is a must-have accessory to properly clean your files and ensure long-lasting use.


Set Includes:

  • 10” Flat Bastard
  • 10” Half Round Bastard
  • 10” Round Bastard
  • 10” Mill Bastard
  • 10” Square Bastard
  • 10” Flat Smooth
  • 7” Slim Taper
  • 10” Hobby Rasp
  • File Card


About Simonds Saw

Simonds has been making files since 1836 and has pioneered improvements of this basic and necessary tool. The Simonds brand is unquestionably among the most respected symbols of quality and reliability in the industrial marketplace.  Simonds files are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Every finishing operation has a file specifically suited for it, designed to simplify your job with on-demand results.

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Country of Manufacture Honduras
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