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shelf pin template
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Needing to make a series of holes for shelf pins? Now you have a heavy duty alternative that won't break the bank. Woodpeckers new Shelf Pin Template covers all the bases. It combines both inch and metric spaced holes, ¼ or 5 MM, and works with self-centering drills bits, router guide bushings and even plain drill bits (with optional drill guide.) This is a very unique tool that combines what are typically multiple templates into one, accurately machined tool.

This template is CNC machined from 3/8 thick phenolic sheet. It's the thickest, most durable template on the market. All the holes are 3/8 diameter making it 100% compatible with Snappy Shelf Pin Guided Bits and 3/8 diameter router guide bushings with ¼ or 5MM spiral router bits. If you get the optional Woodpeckers Drill Guide, you can also use standard brad point drill bits. These Drill Guides have stainless steel drill bushings pressed into aluminum bodies.

For your convenience we're also offering the Snappy Shelf Pin Guided Drill Bits which work very nicely with the template. There are some less expensive imported ones out there that I tried but didn't like; too much tear out.

There are 21 inch holes and 17 metric holes.

Made in U.S.A.


Download instruction manual for Shelf Pin Template.


drill ibt
Use with Self-Centering Drill Bits.

steel pins
Comes with (6) steel pins.

drill guide
Optional drill guide available.

Combo Shelf Pin Template


WP Drill Guide 1/4 Bore 1 Spacing 1/4 Projection
Will ship after 3/23/18.



1/4 Inch Shelf Pin Drill Snappy


5MM Shelf Pin Drill Snappy