Have you noticed that as the years go by, the marks on rules and tapes seem to get closer and closer together? Here’s a way to get those tiny lines out of your life when working on critical machinery set ups. Woodpeckers Setup Blocks give you precise physical references to gauge the height of a cutter or the position of a fence. Just select the block clearly marked with your desired dimension, place it beside your machine tooling, and adjust. Use both your senses of sight and touch to dial in a perfect fit. 

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Setup Blocks, 42-piece Jumbo Deluxe Set in Systainer Case Setup Blocks, 42-piece Jumbo Deluxe Set in Systainer Case SKU: SUB42S-22

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Setup Blocks, 42-piece Jumbo Deluxe Set in Woodpeckers Case Setup Blocks, 42-piece Jumbo Deluxe Set in Woodpeckers Case SKU: SUB42W-22

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Setup Blocks, Inch – 19-piece Expansion Set Setup Blocks, Inch – 19-piece Expansion Set SKU: SUB19-22

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Setup Blocks, Inch – 13-piece Standard Set Setup Blocks, Inch – 13-piece Standard Set SKU: SUB13-22

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Setup Blocks, Metric – 10-piece Set Setup Blocks, Metric – 10-piece Set SKU: SUB10-22

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Our Setup Blocks Beat a Tape Measure Every Time!

Anyone that has tried to set a critical depth of cut on a circular saw blade knows what can happen if you’re reading it just a little in front of (or a little behind) top dead center. The generous 4-inch length of Woodpeckers Setup Blocks eliminates that problem. There’s no guessing as to where top dead center is and trying to position your scale at just the right point. Just place the setup block along the blade and TDC will be obvious. 

This isn’t a new trick, just one more commonly used in metal working than in woodworking. Machinists call them “gauge blocks” and they’ve been around for centuries. Once you start using your setup blocks, you’ll find more and more places where they work better than rules or tapes. You’ll start stacking them on top of (or next to) each other to hit larger dimensions. This is really handy with the largest block in the set, which is precisely 1" x 2" x 4”. Need your rip fence at 2-1/4" for cabinet rails and stiles? Take the big block and the quarter inch block, snug them together and adjust your fence until the combination just barely kisses the saw blade. Perfect fence setting without worrying about being on the right mark on your rule or whether your tape is square to the fence. 

Carefully Made for Generations of Use. All the blocks are machined to a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch for dimension, flatness and squareness. Check any combination you want with the most accurate measuring device you have. You’ll see that a stack of these blocks is just as accurate as your best rule, and much easier to work with. Woodpeckers Setup Blocks are machined from aircraft grade aluminum billets on CNC milling centers. Then they are anodized to create a durable surface that resists most shop chemicals and won’t leave dark marks on your stock. Each block is individually checked for tolerance before being packed in a fitted case and shipped to your shop. 

Different Setup Block Sets for Different Shop Needs

The 13-Piece Standard Set gives you an economical set that will stack to hit every fraction from 1/32" to 1" in 1/32" increments and the 1" x 2" x 4" block. If you bought the 13-Piece Standard Set previously, you’re probably ready to add the 19-Piece Expansion Set, which adds all the missing fractions in the 13-piece set and means you won’t have to do as much stacking. We also offer a 10-Piece Metric Set. The Standard Set, Expansion Set and Metric Set come in Woodpeckers molded cases with custom-cut foam liners. 

Or, go “all in” with the 42-Piece Jumbo Deluxe Set. It has the complete Fractional Set and the complete Metric Set, packed in your choice of a Woodpeckers molded case or a Systainer. 

Like all our tools, Woodpeckers Setup Blocks are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, facility (just south of Cleveland). This former OneTIME Tool has now joined our permanent product line-up. This is your last chance to get the Setup Blocks at the old pricing. Despite skyrocketing raw materials costs, we’re holding the line on the price of the Setup Blocks for this introductory special. Prices will go up after the deadline.  Order by Monday, July 4, 2022 to beat the price increase. Delivery is scheduled November 2022.
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