Ridge Carbide Miter Saw Blade

The Ridge Carbide Miter Saw Blade is the top rated all purpose cross cut blade by Fine Home Building Magazine. It is the perfect blade for your radial arm saw, chop saw, and compound miter saws. These blades will produce scratch free polished cuts on all materials. It will reduce jump in on your radial arm saw and will give you better pull control while also eliminating bottom splintering on radial crosscuts.
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12" 80 Teeth 1" Bore 12" 80 Teeth 1" Bore SKU: RS11280

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10" 80 Teeth 5/8" Bore 10" 80 Teeth 5/8" Bore SKU: RS11080

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The 80 teeth on this saw blade are ground from C4 micro grain carbide, and go through a four step shaping and sharpening process. This process finishes with a 1200 grit pass to create razor sharp edges. These blades can be re-sharpened 20 - 25 times because of their increased thickness of the carbide.

Low cost blades have a .010” radial or side clearance to keep irregular teeth from rubbing on the sides of the cut. These blades are so accurate that the radial clearance is reduced to a mere .001” which dramatically improves the smoothness of the finished cut.

Proudly made in the USA.

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Country of Manufacture United States