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Portamate Universal Mobile Base PM-1000


We get it – you need more room in your garage or workshop. And that's exactly why the PM-1000 universal mobile base was designed. It's exactly what you need to “make movable” your heavy machines, band saws, table saws, drill presses, safes, cabinets, or anything else.


Think about it – you can now mount wheels on these items, move them to where you need them, and with a quick press of the lever with your foot, make it fully stable, ready to work. The PM-1000 universal mobile base is truly universal, with a base range of 14x14 to 31x31 (inches) square, to rectangles measuring up to 14x43 (inches). And with a weight capacity of 400 lbs., it's ideal for just about anything in your shop or garage.

The powder coated steel is extremely strong, and the mobile base comes complete with everything you need, and is warranted for one year. This is a very low-profile mobile solution, raising your machine height less than an inch, so you can make all of your woodworking machines and tools mobile, and still work efficiently.

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Country of Manufacture China