Pica Master Joiner Set


The most valuable and practical marking set for woodworkers and carpenters. The Pica Master Joiners Set is a versatile collection of their finest marking pens and pencils. Each are suited for just about any surface. From wood, metal, and plastic to tiles and glass, you’ll produce precise and consistent lines. Each utensil features power lock mechanisms, dust and moisture protection, and accuracy down to the millimeter. The entire set includes the Pica Dry and Dry-Fine Automatic Pencils, The Pica Ink Deep Hole Marker, the Pica Instant White Pen, replacement refills, and a handy wallet.

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The next level in marking. Experience the ultimate in precision and efficiency when marking with Pica’s Master Joiner Set.

Set includes:

  • Pica Dry | 3030
  • Pica Fine Dry 0.9 | 7070
  • Pica Classic Instant White Pen | 532/52
  • Pica Ink, Black | 150/46
  • Replacement refills Dry Schreiner H | 4050
  • Replacement refills Dry Multi Use Color Mix | 4020
  • Replacement refills Fine Dry H | 7050
  • Wallet with Velcro fastener


Pica Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil & Pica Fine Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9mm

The Pica Dry is the professional construction marker and is suitable for almost all material surfaces. Whether dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or rusty, thanks to the extensive range of leads, you are perfectly equipped for any project.


  • Shaft with roll stop
  • Practical holster with special clip for perfect one-hand operation
  • Patented integrated sharpener in holster for instant precision
  • High-tech push mechanism for automatic lead feed in stainless steel tube
  • Refills can be conveniently refilled from behind


  • For All Graphite 2B lead marks on almost all surfaces, whether dry, damp, smooth, rough or dusty
  • Wide range of applications: for light/dark surfaces, water-soluble & waterproof
  • Can be wiped off with a damp cloth from smooth surfaces
  • Joiner leads in hardness H enable fine markings on dry surfaces
  • Waterproof summer mines are stable up to 70°C


Pica Ink Deep Hole Marker

  • The Pica Ink is the original Deep Hole Marker. Its quick-drying ink writes on almost all dry surfaces and its long tip is ideal for marking deep drill holes.
  • Practical holster with special clip for perfect one-hand operation
  • Self-adjusting, patented stainless steel telescopic tip enables up to 3 times the writing performance
  • Twist&Revive: nib can be reinserted several times with a 180° turn to revive the marker
  • Permanent alcohol-based ink, removable with alcohol/spirit from smooth surfaces
  • Writes on almost all dry surfaces
  • Instantly water and abrasion resistant
  • Rich color contrast


Pica Instant White Pen

The instant white ink marks immediately, without shaking or pumping. Marks on almost all surfaces, permanent water-based ink. Weatherproof and abrasion-resistant after approx. 20 seconds. Economical alternative to white paint markers. Free from xylene and toluene.

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Country of Manufacture Germany