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OneTIME Tool - Pen Blank Center Finder - 2012- Retired October 22, 2012


Start every tiny turning project off the right way with our precision layout tool.

The craft of creating pens and mechanical pencils with bodies made from wood and other lathe-turned materials might easily be explained as microsurgery for woodworkers. The workpieces you start out with are small but precious. Wood pen blanks are typically made from figured stock or exotic species, and composite blanks can be just as pricey and distinctive. You don't want to ruin a single blank, but it's surprisingly easy to do. A miniscule misalignment when mounting or drilling the blank or momentary slip with the skew chisel can create a tiny but expensive piece of scrap.

Woodpeckers Pen Blank Center Finder is designed to make a turner's first critical layout task easier and more accurate than you ever thought possible. Instead of fumbling around with a combination square or a large-scale center-finding tool not designed for the task, why not use a tool that provides the precision your next one-of-a-kind pen deserves?

Our latest OneTime Tool, the Pen Blank Center Finder will work on round or rectangular blanks up to 1-1/4” in thickness or diameter. Machined on our own CNC equipment to exacting tolerances, this little tool will make a big difference in your pen and pencil production. The rigid, right-angled registration surfaces enable you to grip the jig and workpiece firmly together with one hand, freeing your opposite hand for marking. The diagonal marking edge is perfectly machined and provides a beefy surface to guide a sharp pencil lead or pointed scribe. While the marking edge is sharp, we've rounded over or chamfered other “contact” edges to enhance comfort. An anodized finish provides superior durability, visibility and appearance.

In order to make the grade as a One Time Tool, any device we produce has to provide best-in-class precision, save time and be of such quality that multiple generations of woodworkers will enjoy its use. Our Pen Blank Center Finder qualifies on all counts. Reserve yours today. Made in U.S.A.

Order deadline is Monday October 22nd. Delivery is planned for January 2013 but maybe later depending on order volume.

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