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OneTIME Tool - Joiner's Marking Gauge and Dovetail Markers - Retired February 5, 2024


Have you ever noticed that most marking gauges have beams that are 4 or 5 inches long, but no one uses them beyond an inch? We did. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, the Joiner’s Marking Gauge, gets rid of that annoying extra length on the beam, and packs a bunch of other nifty features in a perfect palm-full of tool. One of the essentials for laying out joinery, a marking gauge enables you to strike a razor-thin line a pre-set distance from a reference edge. For typical furniture joinery, that distance ranges from a mere fraction of an inch up to just under an inch, so that’s the reach we built into the Joiner’s Marking Gauge…just enough but not too much. You’ll feel the difference the second you pick up the tool. It fits your hand better and has better balance when you’re marking.


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A Perfect Pair for Hand-Cut Joinery

We didn’t stop with just shortening the beam…we wanted to add features that address how woodworkers work today. For instance, traditional marking gauges use a fine point scribe to mark your work. It leaves a groove that can capture the edge of a chisel or the tooth of a hand saw, making it much easier to start your cut. But what about joinery you’re cutting with machines? If you’re working with machinery, a pencil line is easier to see than a scribed line. The Joiner’s Marking Gauge gives you both options. For example, install the scribe to mark the depth of hand-cut dovetails, then install the custom-designed mechanical pencil to layout the edge limits of mortises you’re going to rough out on your drill press. 

We also made the beam an oval. Roll the tool down until the curve of the beam is resting on your work and you now have better support while you strike your line. We don’t want you to lose either the scribe or the pencil, so you’ll find a storage port in the end of the beam for whichever one you’re not using…nothing gets lost on the jobsite. The stainless steel wear plate will easily outlast the more common brass or wood versions, and we put a nylon pressure pad in the end of the clamping screw to prevent marring the beam. In other words, we designed the tool for flawless performance now and for generations of woodworkers to come. 

The Joiner’s Marking Gauge is a perfect complement to our Dovetail Markers. These beautifully machined dovetail markers come in three classic angle ratios with right and left dovetail angles on one side of the register and a saddle square on the other. Similar tools on the market are almost always pinned or screwed, but Woodpeckers Dovetail Markers are carefully machined from one solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum. There’s nothing that can ever get knocked out of alignment. Each size is clearly marked with the angle ratio and also the angle in degrees. Traditionally, 1:8 is used for hardwoods and 1:6 or 1:7 is used for softwoods or softer species of hardwood. 

We’ve bundled the Joiner’s Marking Gauge and the Dovetail Markers into a special, money-saving package. Or you can get just the Joiner’s Marking Gauge or just the Dovetail Markers, whichever one fits your needs. 

Like all our OneTIME Tools, the Joiner’s Marking Gauge and the Dovetail Markers are only made to order, precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory. The deadline to order yours is Monday, February 5, 2024. Once orders are filled, these tools will be retired from our product line. Delivery is scheduled for April 2024

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