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OneTimeTool - Blade Gauge 2.0 - 2019 - Retired April 15 2019


When you’re dialing in complicated table saw or miter saw angles, you don’t want to rely on flimsy adjustable protractors or complicated electronic gizmos. They’ll never match the accuracy of a carefully machined, fixed reference. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, Blade Gauge 2.0, includes CNC-machined stainless-steel references for 90°, 45°, 22.5° and the 6 most common crown molding angles. These aren’t tools that “kinda-sorta” work for setting your saw…they’re designed and built specifically for the job. The gauges all fit into the included base, which holds the gauges perfectly vertical while you make adjustments.  


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Blade Gauge Deluxe Set In Case Blade Gauge Deluxe Set In Case SKU: BGDEL-19
Kit includes: 45-Degree, 22.5-Degree & 3 Crown Molding Gauges For Both 10-Inch and 12-Inch Saws plus Base
Out of stock
Blade Gauge 12 Inch Set In Case Blade Gauge 12 Inch Set In Case SKU: BG12-19
Kit includes: 45-Degree, 22.5-Degree & 3 Crown Molding Gauges For 12-Inch Saws plus Base
Out of stock
Blade Gauge 10 Inch Set In Case Blade Gauge 10 Inch Set In Case SKU: BG10-19
Kit includes: 45-Degree, 22.5-Degree & 3 Crown Molding Gauges For 10-Inch Saws plus Base
Out of stock

Blade Gauge

The square and octagon gauges (45° and 22.5°) both include a 90° reference on the other end, so when you’re setting your saw back to square you don’t have to hunt down another tool.

The crown molding gauges are clearly marked with bevel angle (blade tilt) and miter angle settings. There’s a gauge for the three most common types of crown molding: 45° spring angle, 38° spring angle, and 52° spring angle.

In the photos above, the 38° and 52° spring angle examples are exactly the same molding, just flipped top to bottom and cut with the appropriate angle settings…you can get two great looks from one molding design.  These crown molding gauges are great if you’re trimming your house, but crown molding can also add a dramatic accent to furniture projects like bookcases, hutches and case clocks.

The base of Blade Gauge 2.0 is milled from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s sized just right to perfectly balance the gauges. Even the tallest gauge (22.5° for 12" saw blades) is perfectly balanced in the base. The base is anodized for surface protection and to give it our familiar “Woodpecker Red” color.

The deceptively simple design of the gauges enhances their usability. Being perfectly flat and with the top and bottom edges precisely parallel, you can set either acute or obtuse angles on your saws just by flipping the gauge over. Each corner is laser engraved with its angle and angle complements, so you’ll have the right readings no matter how your saw or miter gauge is calibrated. Each gauge is sized to fit to the plate of the saw blade without interference. That means the gauges with longer bevels are shorter overall; you won’t run into either the teeth or the arbor flange. The gauges are thick enough to be rigid and thin enough to always give you an accurate view.

We offer Blade Gauge 2.0 in two sizes; one optimized for 10" saw blades and one for 12" saw blades. Either one comes in a protective case with a custom-fit foam liner. Have a 10" table saw and a 12" miter saw? Get the Blade Gauge 2.0 Deluxe Set and have all ten gauges all stored conveniently in one larger protective case.

Like all our OneTIME Tools, Blade Gauge 2.0 is only made to order, precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory. 

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